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Moving to a new office can be just as big of an ordeal as moving to a new home, as it often requires the relocation of big bulky furniture, electronics that are difficult to pack, and many boxes of documents and other important items. 

Whether you are just moving your office to another floor in the same building or moving to an entirely different city, a lot of planning and preparation is needed for a successful move. This is especially true if you want to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid shutting down operations for a week just to sort it all out. 

Of course, the elements that you will need to consider will depend on the size and scope of your move, and various challenges may arise throughout this process. 

Fortunately, if you are adequately prepared and know what to expect regarding the details of your move, you will be at an advantage, and things will go smoother for you. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a plan in place when you are about to relocate to a new office space.

Best Practices for Managing an Office Relocation

Managing an office relocation is never easy, but it can become especially difficult when it comes up at the last minute. However, since such moves are sometimes necessary, it is better to know in advance how to handle them if you ever find yourself in such a predicament.

The following are some of the best practices to follow to make your last-minute office relocation as smooth as possible:

1. Notify all necessary parties

As soon as your relocation plans are solidified, it is crucial that you communicate the details of the move, including where you are moving to and when, to your staff, clients, customers, and business partners. That way, when the move takes place, everyone will be on the same page, and nobody will be left in the dark.

Although an office relocation may be unsettling for some people, communicating openly about this process and keeping them in the loop may help ease such feelings.

2. Create a moving checklist

Once everyone has been notified of the move, the next most essential step is to create a moving checklist/to-do list to keep track of all the necessary steps throughout the process. This will ensure that nothing important is forgotten.

Once you have such a checklist, it will also become easier to delegate various jobs to different people, making it easier to get things done faster.

3. Get rid of items you do not need

Another vital step in the moving process is evaluating which furniture, items, and supplies you are going to bring to the new place and which things you will not. 

It also helps to visit your new office space ahead of time and take some measurements because you may find that certain items that fit well in the old office do not fit well in the new one. 

Once you determine what you will not bring, you must decide what to do with them. Thus, you may want to sell, donate, or simply dispose of the items.

4. Create an inventory

After you know what you’re bringing to the new office, create an inventory of everything before boxing it all up. Carefully catalogue the office’s assets, including furniture, equipment, and supplies, and note the condition of bigger or more valuable items. 

This will help you keep track of everything during the move to ensure that nothing gets lost or damaged, which is good for insurance and organizational purposes.

5. Label everything as you pack

Once things are packed into boxes or wrapped in bubble wrap, it is hard to differentiate them from one another, which is why it is very important to label everything as you pack. This will make it much easier to unpack everything in an organized fashion when you arrive at the new location and will help you avoid scrambling to find certain things that you may need to unpack first.

You may even want to create a number system that you apply to your labelling so that you can maximize the efficiency of your unpacking later on.

6. Hire a reliable moving service

It is a good idea to hire professional movers to help with your move, especially when you have a limited amount of time to relocate to a new office. Having access to skilled movers will alleviate the stress of the move and minimize downtime for your business. 

Different moving companies offer different types of services, so make sure to do your due diligence when researching your options to find a company that will best suit your needs.

How Sprint Moving Service Can Help Manage Your Last-Minute Office Relocation

If you need assistance with last-minute office relocation in London, Ontario, Sprint Moving Service is here for you. We have been helping businesses move since 2007, and have a specialized commercial moving team that will ensure your office relocation goes smoothly and efficiently. We offer customizable commercial moving services, so we can adjust our approach to your move based on your needs. 

Not only will our team of professional movers handle the take down of your furniture and other office items at your old office space, but we will also help set up everything in the new space. Additionally, we will exercise the utmost care while handling your items throughout the moving process to ensure that everything is protected and no damages occur. 

We understand that speed and efficiency are important, so we will take measures to streamline your move from start to finish and get you into your new office space as quickly as possible. 

For more information about our commercial moving services or to learn more about the various ways we can help ease your moving process, call Sprint Moving Service at +1 (548) 489-0140 or contact us here.