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Need help relocating your business, home, or storing your belongings? Sprint Moving Service has helped Aylmer locals move since 2007! If you are in need of moving assistance in Aylmer or the surrounding area, give us a call today! We know how important a safe and successful move is to you, so let us do the heavy lifting!

Residential Moving Services in Aylmer

If you’re looking for Aylmer moving services, you won’t find a more reliable or efficient company than Sprint Moving Services. As Aylmer’s most trusted residential moving company, Spring Moving has over 16 years of expertise ensuring stress-free relocations.

Our track record of happy customers shows that Sprint is the trusted choice for all your moving needs. Our affordable services put us amongst the very best of Aylmer movers.

At Sprint, we recognize the diversity of residential moves and tailor our services to meet various needs. Whether in-town or out-of-town, our flexible services, including direct drives, rush deliveries, and same-day options, ensure your move fits perfectly into your schedule. The process begins with a free, instant quote that addresses your unique relocation requirements.

Concerned about move-in readiness? Sprint Moving Services has you covered with a modern warehouse equipped with climate control, pest control, and a robust security system. Your possessions are wrapped in protective blankets, ensuring their safety until you’re ready to settle into your new home.

As reliable Aylmer residential movers, we are experts in delicate item handling, convenient reassembly, and comprehensive liability coverage. Make your residential move in Aylmer a seamless and reliable experience with Sprint Moving Services—your trusted partner in relocation excellence.

Give us a call or get your instant free quote today!

Commercial Moving Services in Aylmer

Spring Moving has worked as professional Aylmer commercial movers for over a decade. We have designed our personalized commercial moving services to fit your business’s unique needs and budget.

At Sprint, our dedicated commercial moving team takes pride in ensuring a quick and efficient relocation process. From dismantling and reassembling furniture to handling delicate items like fine art, antiques, and pianos, our team brings extensive experience and skills to every project.

Choosing Sprint means selecting trusted Aylmer movers who are able to create customized relocation plans crafted specifically for your company. We recognize the significance of planning and management for a successful move, and our team is committed to addressing every detail.

Our comprehensive services include access to storage facilities for business property during the moving process. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, our modern, climate-controlled warehouse ensures the safety of your belongings until you’re ready for them.

What sets Sprint apart is our commitment to providing competitive rates without compromising on service quality. We put your peace of mind above all else and ensure your commercial move will be streamlined, efficient and stress-free.

Moving Storage Facility in Aylmer

Discover premium storage solutions at Sprint Moving Services, your go-to moving storage facility in Aylmer. Our secure short-term storage units ensure the safety of your belongings during the moving process.

Our Aylmer storage solutions offer impeccably clean, modern, secure storage that meets the highest standards. What sets Sprint apart? Our facility boasts robust security, featuring 24-hour surveillance and alarms, guaranteeing the safety of your items. Our experienced staff is well-equipped to handle delicate items, ensuring a smooth transition.

On a tight budget? Sprint offers competitive rates reflecting our commitment to making your move hassle-free. Our comprehensive liability coverage adds an extra layer of security, protecting your goods, property, trucks, and workers.

For reliable Aylmer moving services and temporary storage solutions, choose Sprint Moving Services. Contact us today for a free quote and experience the assurance of a trusted and efficient moving and storage partner. 

Your belongings deserve the best – entrust them to Sprint for security and peace of mind. Contact Sprint Moving Services for a free quote today.

Serving Aylmer Since 2007.

We pride ourselves in having a specialized moving team with proven skills that serve our customers efficiently.

Residential moving service

Residential Moving

Sprint Moving Service is Aylmer’s most trusted residential moving company. Moving homes is an exciting time for a new start! If you are looking to make your moving day stress free, give us a call or get your instant free quote!

Commercial moving service

Commercial Moving

If you are moving offices or are in need of any commercial moving needs, Sprint Moving Services has you covered. Here at Sprint we know the value of business and working hard. Let us do the work so you can get back to thriving in the workplace. 

Storage facility

Storage Facility

Need a place to store your items in the midst of moving? Call us today to store your furniture and possessions. Sprint values your items and ensures that they are safe in our controlled storage environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they have experience with my specific type of move?

At Sprint we have been helping businesses move for over 12 years, so we are well suited to serve your commercial move. We know that planning and management are the crucial aspects of a successful commercial move.

How do you ensure my belongings are kept safe during transport?

Any shipment that is sent through Sprint Delivery Service must be packaged correctly with no defect to the package, and must be properly sealed and secured without the use of string or rope on the exterior of the package. The contents of the shipment must be held firmly in place by the interior packaging system, which protects the contents from external forces such as pressure from other packages on top. We reserve the right to refuse any packages that do not meet our standards to ensure that packages will arrive without damage to the destination.

Do you have storage services to hold my items during the moving process?

We pride ourselves in being Aylmer’s best moving company, and having Aylmer’s best storage facility. Spring Moving Service owns a warehouse in which we can store your belongings safely to ensure that your items are ready whenever you need them. Our storage facility is clean, modern, climate and pest controlled, and government approved.

How long will it take to receive my goods?

The duration of time that it takes to receive your goods is dependent on the distance of the move. No shipment will be accepted or delivered on any day that is a Saturday, Sunday or statutory holiday in the jurisdiction where the shipment is meant to be delivered, unless otherwise agreed upon by Sprint Moving Company.

Sprint offers same, and next day delivery.

Same day delivery must be called in before 4:30pm. We will happily deliver your goods within half an hour from the time of contact but the delivery point must be within a 4 kilometer radius.

  • In – town direct drive: Must be called in before 4:30pm. We will deliver immediately for a flat rate price that includes up to 4 pieces and 50 pounds. If your belongings weigh more than this, it costs $0.65 per piece, and .02 per pound thereafter.
  • Out of – town direct drive: Must be called in before 4:00pm. We will pick up and deliver within one hour from the time of contact.
  • Rush Delivery: Must be called in before 2:00pm. We pick up and deliver 3 hours from the time of contact.
  • Same Day Delivery: Must be called in before 11:00am, we pick up and deliver before 5:00pm. Sprint Delivery Service and Shipper at different rates also agreed upon by Sprint Delivery Service and Shipper.

For next day shipping

  • For In – town next day delivery we offer two options: Delivery by 9:00am the next day, or the standard next day is to be delivered before 5:00pm
  • Out of town next day delivery: is delivered before 5:00pm the next day.


Why book your move with Sprint?

Sprint Moving Service is Aylmer’s most valued, trusted, and organized moving company.

Lowest Rates

Our prices reflect the dedicated effort that we put into your move. Relocating requires time, planning and organization. Let Aylmer’s best moving company handle it all!

Highly Skilled Staff

Our staff are highly trained and experienced in moving fragile items such as fine art, antiques and pianos. Rest assured, your belongings are in the hands of experts.

Reassembly of Goods

Our staff offer the opportunity for the reassembly of your furniture. We also provide all of our own tools, so you can sit back, relax and watch your new home or office come to life!


Customized Coverage

Customized coverage helps to make your move stress-free! Sprint provides customizable liability coverage that protects your goods and property, and compensates our workers.

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