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Commercial Movers in London

Need help with moving your business? Sprint Moving Service has helped businesses move since 2007! If you are in need of a commercial moving service in London or the surrounding area give us a call today! We know how important business is to you, so let us do the heavy lifting!

Since 2007, Sprint Moving Services has helped thousands of London companies make a move to support their growing businesses. Our team of professional commercial movers in London is committed to delivering your assets efficiently, carefully managing each piece to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

As a leading, highly respected commercial moving company in London, ON, we are committed to providing reliable and tailored commercial moving services to meet your needs.

We understand that every dollar you spend is an investment requiring careful thought and assurance that contributes to your business’s growth. As a result, we help mitigate the risks and reduce the costs of your move to provide the most value and help protect your bottom line.

Commercial Movers in London
Our team sees a high volume of repeat customers who trust us to do the job right, protect their assets, and help keep their businesses sustainable. When you’re looking for stress-free commercial moving solutions that optimize efficiency and minimize risks, Sprint Moving is the best solution.

Commercial Moving Services: Relocation Made Easy

Moving offices is a complicated process that requires an efficient strategy to avoid unnecessary disruptions. Our commercial moving service allows you to meet the needs of your business and customers with tailor-made relocation plans that make your commercial move easy. 

Office Relocation

We understand your business is unique and offer tailored relocation plans. We consider the nature of your business, associated risks with the equipment and materials being moved, and any industry-specific needs, from confidentiality and privacy to office equipment sensitivity, for flawless execution that has you up and running quickly. 

Corporate Moving Solutions

The larger your organization, the more items you have to move, including equipment, furniture, documents, and valuable assets and information. Sprint has over 12 years of experience offering corporate moving solutions that ensure your items are safe and handled with care. 

Our office movers in London understand your responsibility to remain compliant with industry standards, as well as the sensitive nature of both client and proprietary information that must be protected. We have processes to protect your assets and ensure everything arrives free of unauthorized interference or damage. 

Furniture Disassembly and Installation

Sprint Moving Service takes care of the dismantling and reassembly process, using our extensive knowledge in the special handling of computers, printers and other sensitive equipment. Our office moving company completes your move with limited disruptions to your operations, team and customers.   

HOW IT WORKS: Seamless Commercial Moving Solutions

Sprint Moving Service has the expertise to ensure we provide equal levels of service whether you are moving from a 1,000-square-foot office or a 10,000-square-foot industrial space.

We have a team of expert commercial office and industrial movers in London who take every possible step to protect your assets and implement a plan that minimizes disruption to your day-to-day operations. Our office moving company’s methods are all about value-added services, including:
Maximum Safety

Free Moving Supplies Delivery

We deliver professional moving supplies to your current location, allowing your team to carefully pack up your office using packing materials that keep everything safe. 

Proven Reliability

Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Fees

We believe in completely transparent pricing and will walk you through our itemized quotes, so there are no surprises on moving day and all services you requested are accounted for.


Free Disassembly & Reassembly

Efficient commercial moving calls for the disassembly and reassembly of complex items by experienced commercial movers in London. We offer this service as a courtesy.

Climate Controlled

Quick & Easy Booking

We have a manageable schedule designed to make it quick and easy to book the date of your move, so we’re ready when you need us.


Clean, Equipped Trucks

We take care of our trucks and ensure they are clean and equipped with all the necessary things we need to efficiently load and unload your assets, while also protecting them during the journey.

Prompt Services

Licensed, Bonded & Insured Services

We are a licensed, bonded and insured commercial moving company with general and customized liability coverage for your goods and property as well as our trucks and office movers in London.  

GET MOVING: Hassle-Free Moving Process

Climate Controlled

Get a Free Quote Online

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Schedule Your Move

Once you approve the cost, you can schedule your move.

Maximum Safety


You can opt for your team to pack or for our office movers in London to handle the packing and unpacking process for you. 

Proven Reliability

Leave the Rest to Us!

Our commercial moving company takes care of the rest for a hassle-free move and total peace of mind.

Take the Headache Out of Commercial Moves

Sprint Moving takes the headache out of commercial moves by providing customized end-to-end moving solutions. 

Our specialized commercial and industrial moving services are designed to maximize efficiency, minimize costs and disruptions, and eliminate worries. 

We have extensive experience and knowledge based on moving strategies we’ve tirelessly developed to ensure we handle your commercial move flawlessly. 

Our plans combine industry considerations relevant to your business with proficiency in proper packing and efficient disassembly and reassembly to efficiently, safely, and carefully move your business. 

We develop secure moving plans that also keep your most valued information and equipment protected, providing confidence you have the critical items required to operate your business and meet your customers’ needs. 

Our office moving company alleviates stress and overcomes common commercial moving challenges, including:

  • Disorganized packing and unpacking 
  • Reduced productivity due to inefficiencies in the moving process
  • IT complications related to improper handling of sensitive equipment, lost connectors, equipment ending up in the wrong department or office, etc. 
  • Damaged or lost items
  • Unauthorized access to sensitive, confidential information
  • A lack of logistical planning
  • Injury 
  • Missing the schedule for service elevator use
  • Not remaining compliant with confidentiality regulations 

Get a Quote for Your Commercial Move

Sprint Moving offers services designed to make your life easier. We take on all the difficult tasks and eliminate the risks of commercial moves, so you reduce business disruptions and get back to business as usual. 

To request a free quote, click here. For more information on our commercial moving services, call +1 (519) 859-4770 or contact us here

Make Your Commercial Move Easy

We pride ourselves in having a specialized commercial moving team that serves our customers efficiently.

Customized Relocation Plan

Customized Relocation Plan

We understand how unique your business is. That is why your commercial move must be customized to fit your company’s needs and budget. Let us create your tailored relocation plan today.

Office moving service

Extensive and Valuable Experience

Sprint Moving knows how important your company’s valuables are. With over 12 years of experience we ensure your items are safe and handled with care. Trust us with your fragile items such as fine art, antiques and large items including pianos.

Dismantling and Reassembling

Dismantling & Reassembling

Sprint moving does the work so you do not have to. We take care of the take down and set up, so you can move stress free. Sprint supplies all of the tools to ensure that your items are protected through the dismantle and reassembly process.

Moving Service Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they have experience with my specific type of move?

At Sprint we have been helping businesses move for over 12 years, so we are well suited to serve your commercial move. We know that planning and management are the crucial aspects of a successful commercial move.

Do You Have Your Own Installers?

Sprint Moving takes care of the dismantling and reassembly process for your business. We have extensive knowledge in the special handling of computers, printers and other sensitive equipment. Our employees have extensive training in the industrial/office set up to make sure the job is done effectively.

Do you have storage services to hold corporate items during the moving process?

If your company is in need of a storage facility in-between the moving process, Sprint Moving has you covered. Sprint Moving Service owns a warehouse in which we can store your corporate items safely. Many clients purchase new furniture for the new office or are in need of short-term/long-term durations. Our storage facilities can help ensure that your belongings are safe and ready whenever you need them. Our storage facility is clean, modern, climate and pest controlled, and government approved.

What is your insurance policy?

*Needs to be answered


Why book your commercial move with Sprint?

Sprint Moving Service is London’s most valued moving company.

Lowest Rates

Our prices reflect the dedicated effort that we put into your move. Relocating requires time, planning and organization. Let us handle all of it!

Highly Skilled Staff

Our staff are highly trained and experienced in moving fragile items such as fine art, antiques and pianos. Rest assured, your items are in the hands of experts.

Reassembly of Goods

Our staff supply the opportunity for the reassembly of your items including furniture and beds. We also provide all of our own tools, so you can feel at home in no time!


Customized Coverage

Sprint provides general and customized liability coverage that includes your goods, property, trucks and compensation for workers.

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