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Whether you are moving somewhere new and bringing your business with you, moving your company from an online platform to a brick-and-mortar shop, or expanding it and opening a second location, relocating requires significant consideration and planning, especially when deciding exactly where it will be. 

Choosing where to open your business is a crucial decision, and it should consider various factors, such as your business’s type, needs, and target customer demographic.

Before you commit to a location to move your business to, you need to understand how various locations could impact it moving forward. This will ultimately help you decide on a new place that best aligns with your goals.

Moving a business is never an easy feat, but where you move it to could play a major part in how much easier or harder that move has to be. After all, choosing the wrong location could hurt your business’s potential for success, but choosing the right location could have the opposite effect.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a new business location?

Before moving your business to a new location, there are several significant factors worth thinking about. Such factors will not only help your business in the long run but also make the move easier to undertake.

1. Consider your budget

Of course, one of the most essential things to consider when deciding on a new location for your business is the budget, as the cost of renting or purchasing a property can vary greatly depending on where you decide to relocate. 

Beyond the upfront costs, you will also need to consider other location-specific expenses, such as taxes, permit and licensing, and more. Additionally, if the location you are moving to needs renovations (whether major or minor), this should be factored into your overall budget.

Don’t get too excited about any potential locations that you come across until you figure out all of the associated costs and then compare these expenses to your moving budget.

2. Think of your brand

Another important thing to keep in mind before a move is your business’s brand, as it should align with the new location.

For instance, it would not make sense to put a budget sporting equipment store in the middle of a high-end luxury shopping mall. Nor would it make sense to place a luxury jewelry shop in a local bus station or a fancy restaurant in the middle of a rural area. 

Ultimately, you want your business to be located where your target customers would expect it to be rather than where it may not get as much attention because it is clearly out of place.

3. Consider the locations of vendors and/or suppliers

When deciding where to move your business, you will need to consider where your various vendors and/or suppliers will be located in relation to your company.

It would be best to locate your business where you can easily access vendors and/or suppliers, as this will prevent delays and other potential inventory issues. Being too far away from vendors and suppliers could also mean higher costs since your materials or products will need to be shipped further.

4. Consider your business’s competition

Ideally, you will want to find a place with high demand for your business. In other words, you must do background research on areas you are potentially considering to ensure the one you decide on is not oversaturated with businesses similar to yours.

If you set up your company where it has too many competitors, you will be starting at a major disadvantage. Customers in that area will likely already have other businesses they know, trust, and choose over yours.

5. Consider nearby parking options 

One more important thing to consider when deciding where to move your business is the nearby parking available for your clientele. If there are only paid parking spaces, you need to think about whether this will dissuade potential customers from coming to your business.

Aside from your customers, your employees will also need a place to park, so make sure you pick a location that has adequate parking available for everyone.

How Sprint Moving Service Can Help You Relocate Your Business

Once you decide where to move your business, the next most important step will involve getting everything there. This is where Sprint Moving Service comes in, as we can provide reliable commercial moving services in London, Ontario

To ensure that your move goes off without a hitch, enlisting professional moving services like ours is absolutely necessary. We have the equipment and expertise to make sure that your move is done quickly and efficiently without any setbacks or other issues along the way.

No matter how much equipment, merchandise, furniture, or other items you need to be moved when you take your business to a new location, we will handle everything with the utmost care and transport all your products in a safe and secure manner.

To guarantee everything goes smoothly, we will help you create a customized relocation plan that fits your business’s needs and budget. We can also help you dismantle everything you need to move at your current location and reassemble it at the new site, saving you time and headaches.

For all of these reasons, we are London’s most trusted moving company, and we would be honoured to provide you with our high-quality commercial moving services in London, Ontario.

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