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Moving to a new house is often a huge ordeal that involves a lot of planning, as there are many factors that require consideration during this process. 

Although most people put a decent amount of time into planning how they are going to pack and prepare their furniture, appliances, and other valuables to get them ready for the move, one thing that can occasionally get overlooked is the packing of clothes. 

Of course, packing your clothes may not be as complicated as packing up a flatscreen TV or a sofa, but it still warrants your attention. Packing them the right way can play a role in how much space you have to work with in your moving van and can also determine what your unpacking process will look like. 

It is necessary to put some thought and attention into your clothes-packing plan, especially if you have a sizable wardrobe. If you do not account for your clothes in the packing and moving plan, you will likely have to scramble to stuff everything into boxes in an unorganized manner at the last minute, which is not ideal.

Important Tips and Tricks to Consider When Packing Clothes for a Move

Packing clothes may not be as complex as readying large appliances or more delicate electronics or valuables but it still requires an appropriate approach. 

When you are ready to start packing all of your clothes in preparation for moving day, there are some tips to keep in mind to make the process go smoother and to avoid a wrinkled heap of clothing when you arrive at your new home.

The following are some of the most valuable clothes-packing tricks to make use of during your next move:

1. Decide which clothes to keep

A big move is the perfect opportunity to sort through your closet and get rid of some of the outfits that are just taking up space. There is no sense in hanging onto the sweater that you have not worn since three Christmases ago or the dress that has not fit since university. 

Take all your clothes out of the closet and dresser and lay them out so you can get a good idea of everything you have. Then, separate the articles you want to bring with you to your new place and those that would be better off discarded or donated. 

If you have enough clothing items to get rid of, you might even be able to arrange a yard sale! Either way, cutting down on the amount of clothes that you need to pack will make your move easier to manage.

2. Sort your clothes

Another important step is sorting clothes according to type. By doing so, you make it easier to unpack and put them away in an organized manner when you arrive at your new place. There are several approaches to take while sorting your clothes, so consider which method makes the most sense for you. 

For instance, you can keep all of your shirts, pants, and sweaters in separate piles. Or, you can sort your clothes according to the season you wear them. This may help you determine which clothes you should keep easily accessible and which can be put away for long-term storage.

3. Find the right packing materials

Once you have a good idea of which clothes you’re taking to your new home, you can look for the proper packing materials to get them there safely.

For folded clothing, all you need are cardboard boxes, but if you would like to pack some clothes on hangers to make them easier and faster to unpack, you should find a few wardrobe boxes. Alternatively, you can pack your clothes into empty suitcases to save on space or use vacuum bags to condense them.

4. Figure out your folding method

If you want to fit as many clothes as possible into your boxes to save space in your moving van, you need to figure out the best way to fold them in a manner that minimizes the room they take up. There are several methods that are worth considering when it comes to this.

The flat fold method involves lying your shirts face down so that they are flat on the floor, folding both sleeves in toward the center of the shirt, then folding the bottom half of the shirt up. For pants, just fold one leg over the other and then fold them in thirds.

Another popular clothes-folding approach is the military rolling method. First, lay your shirt flat, fold the bottom a few inches up, and flip it inside out before folding the sleeves inward, folding it in half, and rolling it from the top down to the bottom. 

Yet another folding method is the KonMari method, which requires that you fold one side of your shirt toward the center followed by the other; then, fold it in half lengthwise, leaving a little gap at the edge. Lastly, fold the shirt in half or thirds, and stand it upright when placing it in a moving box to maximize your space.

How Sprint Moving Service Can Simplify the Clothes-Packing Process

If thinking about all of the planning and organization that goes into packing before a move is causing you stress, it might be worth looking into packing and unpacking services in London, Ontario

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