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The day is fast approaching for you to move to your new home. The holiday season may be starting, and cold weather is setting in. Moving day is almost here, and you are worried about the snow coming down and slowing the move. 

While asking friends and family to help save money in snowy conditions, hiring professionals to move your belongings is a better choice—especially the larger and heavier pieces. Trained professionals move your old home to the new one even in the snow, making it look like a breeze. 

1. Check the Forecast

The last thing anyone wants to do is to move in a blizzard. Checking a few days beforehand and in the day allows you to prepare. As you pack everything, it's good to know what to wear on a moving day, and the last thing you need is to scramble to find your heavy winter coat.

Avoiding weather surprises means your move will go smoother and not in a sliding-in-the-ice way.

2. Switch Your Utilities

Switching your utilities, or setting it up ahead of time, is always recommended, but it is even more important when moving in the winter. Ensuring you have everything working for when you move in takes a little extra stress off your shoulders.

No one wants to move in the winter and find that the pipes have burst due to the cold or unload boxes into a room that feels more like the Arctic.

3. Don’t Leave Packing to the Last Minute

You should pack as soon as possible. Soon enough, all you have left is what you need that morning. You can easily throw these items into a bag. Some essential tips when packing include:

  1. Refrain from overpacking: Heavy boxes are dangerous to move and can cause injury.
  2. Label, label, label: Make sure you clearly state what is inside the box, which room it needs to go to and if it contains any fragile items. It helps the movers, and you ensure things start in the correct room.
  3. Don’t put it to the last minute: Packing as you move slows the process and can create a potential safety hazard. 
  4. Use strong boxes: This doesn't mean they must be industrial materials, but in good condition. Torn and beat-up boxes will break, leaving your belongings all over the floor or lost.

4. Check In With the Movers

It's good to check in with the movers about a week before the move. It confirms that you are both on the same page, the date hasn't changed, and the pick-up location and final destination are confirmed. Then, you can settle any invoices. 

You can discuss any concerns, such as the forecasted weather, and if they need anything from you or them on the day.

5. Who's watching the kids and pets?

Small children are great. They want to see everything, climb everything, run around everywhere.

While moving, having pets and kids around is not safe. They can easily get hurt or packed away in a box. The same goes for pets. Cats can hide when stressed or run out the door and get lost. Dogs are similar but can also become fear-aggressive around strangers “taking their things.”

Leaving kids and pets with friends/family or hiring a sitter on the move day will help everyone stay calm and make the move smoother.

6. Start the Car and Clear the Driveway 

If the forecast calls for rain, snow or ice, then in the morning, while the coffee is brewing, take a moment to make sure that the sidewalk and driveway are clear of any hazards that could cause slips and falls.

For moving services in London, Ontario, where the weather is unpredictable, these tips ensure everyone's safety and that of your belongings during the move and reduce insurance claims. 

Start your vehicle to ensure it is running and has a chance to warm up. When done a few times while the movers load the truck, you can get to your new home faster. 

7. Bubble Bubble Pop

Bubble wrap is a fantastic fidget toy and stress reliever, but its purpose is to wrap your fragile items securely and to protect them from damage by creating a shock absorber-type environment. 

A little goes a long way, too. You don't need to layer up tiny pockets of air in each bubble to provide adequate protection in a single or double layer, as it would be excessive. 

8. Turn Off the Heat to Save Money, But Keep One Room Warm 

Don't start your new life with a high energy bill. Keep the heating on low to prevent pipes from freezing if the outside weather is cold enough to warrant it, but make sure to heat one room. 

It allows the movers to take a break in the warm and prevent fragile valuables from freezing or breaking. It's also easier to heat the rest of the house after everyone has left with one room warmed. 

Leave It to the Professionals

Professional movers have the training and knowledge to move you quickly and efficiently. With safety training and a dedication to ensure everything is done on time and without incident, there is no better team to have by your side. 

Sprint Moving Services is that team. With years of experience moving Canadians from one location to their dream one, care of your possessions is high on our list.

As Canadian winters can be harsh, Sprint Moving Services can make the move in any condition, like every spring. Reach out today and chat with the most trusted movers in London, Ontario. Call 548-489-0059 or go online and get your free quote. Let us get you moved.