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Moving away to University or College is a big step in a student’s life and requires a lot of planning to get the job done. You’ve worked hard to get the grades, get into the school of your dreams, and its finally time to make the big move. Moving away is an exciting time to start a new beginning in a new place, with new experiences and new people. As well as that the moving process is one of the best parts of student life. It is a chance to make a personalized space of your own, completely separate from your parents. You have the freedom to set up your new home however you wish. The world is your oyster. Here are some tips to make the moving journey easy, so you can focus on all the amazing things to come.

1. Travel Minimal

When moving out for the first time, it is best to begin the journey without baggage. Literally. Consider throwing out, donating or selling any of your old belongings that do not make the moving cut. Selling items can also make you some extra money to help with the student life expenses. This allows your to start your new student life without any old possessions and leaves room for new beginnings.
Minimal Living

2. Organization

Staying organized is crucial for a successful moving day. Knowing where all of your belongings are will save you time when it’s time to unpack. This will make things stress free when you are deciding where your items need to go. Buy bins of various sizes to maximize potential space and storage capacities. Colour code your items based on categories such as: bathroom toiletries, clothes, decor, shoes, outerwear, electronics etc. By having these distinct categories you will never have to worry about misplacing your possessions. Everything has its place and is easy to locate.
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3. Get Helping Hands

Have you done anyone a favour recently? Time to cash them in. Moving is easier with more hands on deck. This will ensure that the job gets done effectively and in a timely fashion. Moreover, moving to a new place can be scary and stressful. Surrounding yourself with people you care for and trust will ensure that your nerves are minimal on moving day. Other people can help you decide which items to take and what to leave behind, as they do not have a personal attachment to your possessions. Additionally, good friends and family members can give you a pep talk to ensure you are excited about your new journey.


College Friends

4. Personalize Your Space

Moving into a new place is like having a blank canvas, you have the ability to decorate it as you wish. Part of the fear that comes with moving is homesickness. Your surroundings become unfamiliar, as you are in a new location. Making the space your own is the best way to add some comfort to your new room. This comes from having items in your space that match your personality. Consider purchasing items such as name decorations, print out photos of friends and family, motivational sayings, decorative duvet and pillow covers or posters. Having these items apparent in your room will allow you to identify with your new space.


Wall Photos

5. Get The Essentials

Making sure you have everything you need will ensure that you are ready to start your journey! This includes getting all of the essentials of student life. To name a few: a mini fridge, shower caddy, extension cord, speakers, agenda, towels, bedding, furniture, lamp, bean bag chair and tons more! Having some of these essentials will maximize your rooms potential, ensuring that your space is the best place to be around. Hey! By the end of the end of the moving journey you won’t want to leave!


6. Storage- Maximize Your Space

Having a clear storage system can help you get the most out of your space. You will need storage in the majority of areas of your room such as your desk, closest, washroom and under your bed. Start with buying a closet organizer to ensure that you can fit as many clothes as possible in your space. In addition, consider using underneath your bed to place bins for miscellaneous items that do not have a designated spot. The bathroom can be a place that gets messy and fast. This is especially the case if you are sharing, as your items can become mixed in with your roommate’s. Having a shower organizer or caddy can ensure that your items are separated from other people in your household. Furthermore, considering the fact that you are a student, your desk will be a place that you will spend most of your time. By having desktop bins, pencil holders and file organizers can create a clean and decluttered work space crucial for success!


closet storage

7. Make A Checklist

When moving there are a lot of things to remember. This can cause a lot of chaos and makes it easy for things to be left forgotten. Writing down a “Things to Do List”, “Things To Buy”, and a “Things To Pack” checklist will make sure that you hit every aspect of the moving journey. Separating them in various lists such as these will ensure that you are not overwhelmed with information. When a given task is completed you can cross it out, creating a visual representation of your tasks diminishing. There is no better feeling than seeing your checklist completely crossed out when you have completed all your tasks. By writing things down it eases stress as it moves them from your brain to the page.


8. Do Not Try To Do It All At Once

Big tasks like moving require a lot of time and energy. Do not leave it to the last minute. Spread out your tasks throughout a reasonable period of time. Cramming them into a few days will only result in heightened levels of stress and maximize the likelihood for mistakes. Furthermore, it is okay you are getting overwhelmed. This is your body and mind telling you that you need a break. Leave enough time to allow yourself to walk away from the situation. Giving yourself this downtime will allow you to come back to the moving tasks with a clear and calm mind. Reducing stress is essential for moving success.

Friends at College

9. Get A Great Moving Company

There is nothing wrong will recruiting some help on moving day. Here at Sprint we are extremely knowledgeable in the student moving process. We have been serving the London Student community since 2007 and want to make sure your day is stress-free. Let us be a part of this next stage of life. Call us today!


10. Remember You’ve Got This!

Lastly, always have faith in yourself. In reality, you are your biggest cheerleader and support system. None of this will go smoothy if you do not believe that it is possible. Be proud of the steps you have made to get to this stage of life. In addition, trust that moving to a new place and a new space will bring exciting experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. You got this!