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Are you moving to Canada, but stuck on which area is the right destination for you?

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, spanning a whopping 3.8 million square miles. It’s no wonder you aren’t sure where to go.

Luckily, we are here to help. Before you start to declutter and organize for your big move, take some time to read these 5 reasons why moving to Ontario is the perfect way to begin your next chapter.

1. Jawdropping Nature

Ontario is home to some of the best places to live in Canada. Whether you’re a city dweller or prefer the outdoors, Ontario has the perfect place for you. It includes major metropolitan areas like Toronto or Ottowa and smaller cities like London.

Despite being the most populous Canadian province, Ontario is also home to breathtaking nature for when you want to breathe some fresh air in the great outdoors.

There are 250,000 lakes in the province, making up 1/5 of all fresh water in the world. The breathtaking Niagra Falls is in Ontario. There are numerous other places to enjoy hiking, camping, skiing, and other outdoor activities. 

2. Worldclass Education

Many people move to Canada for an affordable and quality education. Canada is known worldwide for its public education system, which is free for all Canadians. You can even find French-language schools across the province.

Higher education in Ontario is no less impressive. There are 20 public universities in the province, including the University of Toronto which is ranked in the top 20 universities worldwide.

3. Competitive Job Market

Ontario has a rich job market with career opportunities for everyone. 50% of Canada’s tech jobs are in Ontario. Other major industries include manufacturing and mining.

The average annual post-tax income for a family in Ontario is $73,700, which is higher than the national average in Canada.

4. Multicultural Haven

Ontario is the most diverse province in Canada, making it a great place to enjoy celebrations from around the world like Oktoberfest and Carnival. 

Ontario is home to 1/5 of Canada’s aboriginal peoples. The name “Ontario” was derived from an Iroquois word for a beautiful body of water. 

French is still spoken by a large number of the province’s residents. In fact, Ontario has the largest French-speaking minority in all of Canada. Other than French, there are more than 100 languages spoken in Ontario.

5. Entertainment Hub of Canada

With major cities like Toronto and Ottowa at your doorstep, there is always something to do in Ontario.

Toronto hosts one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world. The city is also one of the major film and television production sites worldwide. Eclipsed only by the West End in London and Broady in New York, Toronto hosts more live theater performances than most other cities in the world.

Make Moving to Canada Effortless

If you’ve been pondering moving to Canada, now is the time to pack your bags and call a local moving company. The vibrant culture and breathtaking landscape in Ontario are sure to win you over instantly.

You can count on Sprint Moving Service when you’re planning your move to Ontario. Contact us today to learn how we can help to make your move effortless.