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Summer is by far the busiest time to move. More than 60% of moves are between May and August. If you’re one of the people moving during this time, there are a few things you need to consider due to it being peak season and the simple fact that summer requires more consideration for some things! No need for moving to be too stressful. Remember to bear these moving tips in mind and you’ll be just fine.

1. Hire Moving Trucks Ahead of Time

When looking at moving companies, London Ontario will see most of them booked ahead of time. That means you need to be proactive, especially if you want the best moving company available.

If you try to book something last minute, you might find that no companies are available — or only ones with poor reviews or track records.

By planning ahead, you could save yourself a lot of stress.

2. Pack Summer-Appropriate Things For Your Move

Although it’s important to look at moving companies, London Ontario weather will get pretty warm during the summer so you should think about other things too.

For example, when moving, you should think about what you need in the car with you rather than on the truck. Summer moving can be exhausting, so make sure there’s bottled water and anything else you might need to rehydrate and stay cool.

3. Pack Mindfully

Moving during the summer means it’s essential to pack mindfully. Some household items might be affected by heat, and you’ll need to be extremely careful about putting them in boxes.

If unsure, always do your research.

4. Wear the Right Clothes

When packing and moving, you want to be sure you can stay cool and airy. Wear breathable fabrics and clothes that won’t make you suffer!

It can be difficult to remember small things like this when you’re so focused on the move itself, but you’ll thank yourself later. It’s important.

5. Be Careful About Pets

If moving with pets in summer — especially over a long distance — you should always be mindful of them.

Dogs and cats don’t do well in hot cars, and should not be left unattended in one for even a few minutes.

Pack water for them, make sure the carrier they’re in is cool, and check to make sure they’re comfortable. Remove any harnesses that might add to their heat if it’s safe to do so.

Be sure to check in on them every now and again, and always have them with you.

These Moving Tips Will See a Successful Move Through!

Moving in summer can be stressful — just like any move can be — but if you bear these moving tips in mind, it doesn’t have to be. Book your moving trucks in advance and make sure you stay comfortable, and you’ll be at your new place without too much hassle.

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