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Did you know that the city of London was founded in 1826 by the British Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada John Graves Simcoe? He also renamed the river Thames, to match Britain’s capital city! In fact, when you drive around London, Ontario, you will see many heritage buildings preserved from those days gone by. Including the architectural wonders, there are many other reasons why you should think about moving to London, Ontario. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. Cheap Rent and Housing Market

Despite what you might think, Canadians do not complain primarily about the weather, but about the exorbitant rents and housing prices. If you want to get on a Canadian person’s good side, just start talking about the housing market is absolutely out of reach of the normal buyer. But London, Ontario is quite different in this regard.

The rents in London, Ontario, and the housing prices are much cheaper than the surrounding cities and neighborhoods. In fact, you can get a home on the lower end of the scale at only $430,000! A home in Toronto would cost twice or even thrice as much.

2. Lots of Awesome Restaurants

If you are a foodie at heart and you like the idea of having a plethora of delicious dining options to choose from, then London, Ontario is the place for you. This is mostly so that the ethnically diverse communities in London, Ontario are catered to. But you get to partake in the deliciousness as well.

3. Good Universities and Schools

Not only is the University of Western Ontario located in London, Ontario, but also there is a multitude of elementary and secondary schools. If you are a parent who wants to ensure that your child is set up for a bright future, then London’s bustling school system will definitely give you that opportunity.

4. Job Opportunities Galore

Lots of big-name companies like Labatt Beer, 3M Canada, Diamond Aircraft, EllisDon, and Trojan Technologies have their offices in London, Ontario. If you are searching for a place to call home with a large gaming and tech sector, then you need to look no further.

5. A Community Feeling

The great thing about London, Ontario is that even though it’s a big city with lots of hustle and bustle, it still has that community feel to it. People in London are kind, decent people who still say hello to each other at the coffee shop or passing by each other on the street. It’s a great place to raise a family and feel good about doing so.

Find Your Good Life in London, Ontario

All the ingredients for the good life are present in London, Ontario. That’s why it’s surprising that more people don’t rush to find movers in London, Ontario, and get their relocation papers signed.

If you are convinced of the efficacy of this move, then consider contacting moving companies in London, Ontario, like Sprint Moving Service, and get your free quote.