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Are you moving home and considering doing it all yourself? Are you hoping you can just pack it all in boxes and throw it in the car? It can be done, but it takes a lot of time, effort, planning and you need to know the correct way to do it. In a DIY move, just one mistake can set you back. Below, we help out with our must-know guide on the 6 easily avoidable residential moving mistakes.

1. Not Preparing

It is understandable that work, family, and other commitments might make it impossible to prepare until deadline day, but you must do it. Even if it means taking time from work, preparing is as important as the move itself.

Don’t box everything on the move day. It will take far longer than you think. In addition, trying to stuff it in the car will take multiple trips unless you have a huge vehicle, so rent or borrow a van or truck in advance.

2. Hoarding

Hoarding is one of the great moving mistakes. You are missing the best time to clean your clutter, getting rid of anything that you have not used or no longer need. Bag it up and have a garage sale, or take it to a thrift store.

In addition, keeping these items makes your move harder. Do you want to be carrying an extra load of boxes, filled with items you never use?

3. Watch the Forcast

Inclement weather can make a move much harder than it needs to be. Lashing rain or biting snow can cause untold problems, including soaking your removal boxes and causing you discomfort. Check the forecast before moving day, and if it looks bad then try to move the scheduled time or day.

4. Packing Improperly

Make sure you have adequate boxes. If you have residential moving services, this will help them stack them better in transport. After this, label them with the items they contain and the room they are for, to save time at the other end.

5. Not Creating an Open Box

Always keep one box open until the very last minute. This open box is for your essential items, that you will need right up to the moving point, and as soon as you reach the new place. It should contain cutlery, cups, a kettle, and bedding for the night before, with any documentation you may need.

Make sure to seal it as the last box that leaves the house and mark it. When you arrive, you can pop it open and you are ready to begin.

6. Forgetting Residential Moving Out Procedures

If you have rented, then make sure you follow all the move out procedures asked of you and stated in your contract. If not, you could end up with the loss of your bond. Factor in any of these tasks into your moving schedule.

Seek Assistance

The best way to get it all done quickly and effortlessly is to hire professional residential moving services. They will have more bodies for lifting boxes and heavy furniture pieces, along with large vans and trucks to move your goods.

Your first stop when looking for professionals should be Sprint Moving Service. We have a range of options for any residential or commercial moves. Contact us today for a quote, so we can get you settled comfortably in your new home as quickly as possible!