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Congratulations! Moving day has come and gone. Are you starting to breathe easier and feel more relaxed now that the move is over?

That easy-going feeling may disappear when you look around and realize that those mountains of stacked boxes are not going away by themselves. But before you start to tense up all over again, there are key things you can do to make unpacking your home a breeze.

So prop up your feet (momentarily) on the nearest box. Read on for the top five strategies for unpacking your home you need to know.

Have an Unpacking System in Mind

One of the best pro-moving tips out there is to have some sort of an inventory list. With your inventory list in hand (or at least a description written on each box), take a moment to plan out what gets unpacked first. Focus on the essentials that you need immediately after a move instead of taking out all the knick-knacks first.

Toiletries, linens, and basic cooking items should be the first things out and put away. Try leaving things like curtains, framed pictures, and other unnecessary items where they are and unpack them last.

Go From Room to Room

Once you have the living essentials out of their boxes, try to minimize the stress by unpacking one room at a time. Trying to liberate your items after the move in a haphazard way leaves behind a trail of chaos and makes the process take even longer.

Most like to start with the bedroom, the haven where we crash at the end of a long day. Being able to get a good night’s rest and have some peaceful clarity in your bedroom prepares you with the energy you need to tackle the rest of the house.

Take Care of Empty Boxes Immediately After the Move

As you unpack, do not wait to be shrouded in the shadow of a gigantic mountain of empty boxes before you start breaking them down. Systematically break the boxes down as you go and dispose of them so they are out of the way.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Keeping things organized as you go helps maintain a positive attitude. This will continue to invigorate you to keep up a steady pace and watch your new house become a home. However, what if you are finding yourself less and less enthused as you unpack?

Try playing some fun music in the background. If others are helping you unpack, turn it into a competition as to who can get the most done. And reward those positive participants (and yourself) with an easy meal, such as pizza or Chinese take-out.

Do Not Expect Perfection

Like it or not, your home will change its look multiple times before you settle on what you like. Furniture may get rearranged and indoor decorations set up in different ways.

In other words, do not expect perfection as you unpack. Your home will not look ‘lived in’ until it actually is….lived in. Instead, go with the flow, and be adaptable.

Have a Successful Move From Beginning to End

After the move is over, there is still a lot of work left to do. But if you follow some of these handy tips, your home will soon be settled and just the way you like it.

And if you are moving soon and would like to get a free quote from a professional mover, feel free to contact us today!