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London, Ontario is one of the most popular places to live in Canada. In fact, it is the fastest-growing city in the entire country.

Within the past five years, the city’s population increased by 10%. There are now more than 422,000 residents in the city.

This boom is not coming naturally from an increase in the birth rate. Instead, people are flocking to London, Ontario from all over the world.

Read on for a guide on how to unpack after moving. Explore unpacking tips and other topics such as setting up a kitchen or furniture placement.

Unpack Essentials First

Unpacking essential items is one of the most important tasks to do when you move in. The last thing you want is a crucial item being buried somewhere in the garage or a dozen boxes.

Pre-moving labelling helps you avoid this situation. By marking your most important boxes, you will be able to find them efficiently.

Furniture Placement

Furniture placement is another critical task. For starters, you probably only have moving help for a limited time. If you hired professional movers, they are not going to be available to help rearrange the furniture in the days to come.

Instead, use your heavy lifters to place the furniture where it belongs. This will help you unpack as you now have places to put the smaller items. Clothes can go in their dressers and you will have a comfortable place to sit during breaks.

Setting Up a Kitchen

Setting up a kitchen is also high on the priority list. You and the family are going to need to eat right?

You should specifically mark boxes for the kitchen. This way, you can organize the boxes in the kitchen and start setting it up.

Cabinets and pantries are a good place to start with your unpacking. By prioritizing the kitchen, you will have cups to drink out of and utensils to eat with.

Organization Is Key

With the rest of your home, organization is going to play a key part in how efficient the move is. Pre-moving labelling helps identify which boxes belong in what rooms.

You can keep your new apartment or home tidy with box placement in the appropriate room. Then, you and your family can decide which rooms to unpack first.

This also helps you find things easier. There are professionals that can help you pack and unpack to make the process easier. They are experts in efficiently getting you into a new house and staying organized throughout.

How to Unpack After Moving

You are now ready to move into your new London, Ontario home. Moving can be a chaotic exercise if it is not planned well.

Preparation is the key and you should properly label every box. This upfront work reduces stress and makes it easier to find items. If you are wondering how to unpack after moving, contact us today to hire professional assistance.