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The worst of the pandemic is behind us and things are getting better. You’re probably ready to take that step you’ve been wanting to for the past few years and move! But commercial moving isn’t exactly like moving a house. There are some specific tips you should have to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Keep reading to find our handy guide to commercial moving and office relocation!

1. Be Prepared for Your Commercial Move

This means starting to get everything you will need to have a quick and easy move ahead of time. The early bird gets the worm – or in this case, the early bird won’t be stressed! Once you have your new lease in hand make sure you have a meeting with your team.

Don’t put all the details on yourself or just one person, delegate. Create a plan centered around timing together. This way you can quickly find snags and deal with them early on.

If you’re moving long-distance there are extra things to prepare for. Check out our list!

2. Make Sure Everyone Knows

People don’t like surprises. And people lead busy lives, so they can’t be responsible for finding the information that you’re moving on their own. You want to stay strong while other companies have struggled through the pandemic.

Think of absolutely everyone that has your address – that will be wrong in a few months or weeks. Email everyone on your supply chain, call your stakeholders, your utilities, and especially frequent customers. You don’t want your move to result in a loss of clients, so tell everyone twice just in case.

3. Declutter For Commercial Moving

Think of this move as an opportunity. The longer people stay in one place, the more stuff they collect. This can actually be dangerous.

Rather than pay someone to move things you may not even need, do a check. See what you actually need before cluttering up your new space.

4. Invest in Good Packaging

You can generally hire someone to do this as well. This is similar to preparing ahead. By ensuring you’ve packed everything well and safely, you’ll have less damage to your property in the move.

The last thing you likely want to experience is arriving at your new place and your printers being broken. Preventing scratches to desks and tables makes you look more professional as well.

5. Hire a Professional

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is thinking they can do it themselves. Again, it’s not like moving your house, where sometimes you can hire a moving van and drag your couch out yourself.

You likely have a lot of big furniture such as desks, corporate printers, tables, and more. There will simply be more than you can or should handle – and you don’t want to break anything. Leave it to the experts!

Who Should You Hire?

You should always hire someone who is experienced and well-versed in commercial moving. Spring Moving is here for you when you’re moving offices. Get a free quote today!