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Canadians move five to six times in their lifetime according to the Canadian Association of Movers. Are you about to embark on a move?

Perhaps you are moving to another part of the province or country for work. Or you may be moving in or out with a partner or roommate. Maybe you are selling your home and need to store your personal items.

Possibly you are building a brand new home and the completion date just got pushed back. These and many other reasons might require you to use short-term storage in London, Ontario.

Read on to learn the top tips for how to make the most of a short-term storage unit.

Know What Storage You Need

Each moving storage facility has various sizes of units available for rent. It’s important that you know the size you need before you rent a short-term storage unit.

Renting too small a unit will mean you either have to rent another unit or move all your belonging into a larger unit.

You also don’t want to rent a unit that is too big because you pay for every square foot of space.

That’s why planning is essential. First, box up the items you need to store. You will eventually have to pack your belongings in order to move. You might as well do it right and pack your items in ready-to-move boxes.

Then, calculate the square footage of your boxes to determine how much space you need.

If you need help with this step, Sprint Moving Service can help.

Be sure to consider the types of items you are storing. Antiques, paintings, and musical instruments should always be stored in a climate-controlled facility.

Store Smartly

Many people make the mistake of just tossing everything into the storage unit. Yet, what these people don’t realize, is that they might need to get items out before they move.

You never know if you’ll need to access your items quickly. Be wise and plan to store your items with the most important items accessible.

You probably won’t need your couch urgently, but you might need your documents or a tool.

If possible, stack your items against the side walls. Leave a small walkway that runs down the middle.

This way, you can access anything you need without reorganizing the entire unit. Also, stack items by priority. Put less important boxes at the bottom.

What to Look for in a Storage Facility

Now that you know how to make the most out of short-term storage, let’s discuss how to find the best storage facility for your needs.

The most important tip is to look for a facility with flexibility. You want flexible service hours so you can go in whenever you need.

Also, notice if the storage units are inside or outside. If outside, your items may get wet during inclimate weather.

Also, indoor facilities tend to have better security systems than units that can be accessed from outside.

Master Short-Term Storage

Thanks for reading! We hope this guide on how to make the most of short-term storage has helped you.

Remember, life can sometimes be unexpected. You can plan for delays with the help of Sprint Moving Service.

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