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Are you the type of person who forgets their wallet and keys every time you step out the door?

If so, you may be concerned about forgetting things behind on your upcoming move. Before the movers come and start boxing up your home, read this guide on some essentials, you could accidentally leave behind.

Write them down, so you don’t forget!

Important Documents and Paperwork

You may think that important documents and certificates are the first things to be packed up, but they are easily forgotten if put down even for a second. When moving, it’s easier to remember all your important things by consolidating them in one large binder.

This can include passports, birth certificates, financial records, car information, even important employment documents. Keep the binder on your person at all times, whether in your purse or the box that rides in the vehicle with you. 


Do you store emergency cash and jewelry away for safekeeping? It’s common for people to leave valuable stashes in their floorboards, walls, or portable safes. Now that you’re moving, it’s time to recount where they are all located. 

Don’t forget to gather all your valuable belongings before the professional movers arrive, and keep them in your essential box to transport over. For peace of mind, you can opt for movers insurance.

Library Books

You may not have forgotten to pack up the books in your bookcase, but you did forget that some of those books belong to the local library and need to be returned. Plan a time before moving day to return any books owed to the library.

An early trip will prevent fees from following you to your new destination and leave room for moving day to focus on more important tasks.

Dry Cleaning

With all the running around and packing, it’s common for people to forget about the shirts they left at the dry cleaning the previous week. Depending on how far the new location is, it may be a long time before you have the time to go back and retrieve them, and some dry cleaners have expiration dates on when they throw unclaimed clothes away.

Avoid your clothes from being trashed by marking the pickup time on a calendar. Some dry cleaners call when your clothes are ready, so if possible, have them contact you directly.

You should also keep in mind the time it takes for the cleaners to service your clothes. If you know you’re moving within the same week, try to hold off until you reach your new destination.

Address Changes

You may have remembered to change your physical address with the Canada Post Corporation, but did you remember to change your address on all your delivery apps? You may not have the time to cook in your new home for a while and if you decide to have food delivered, make sure it’s not set to your old location.

Don’t Forget to Ask for Help

Through all the hustle and bustle, we forget to take a moment for ourselves to breathe. Moving is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

Hiring a moving company can take the weight of packing and unloading off your shoulders to focus on making sure you don’t leave the important things behind.

Get Started on Your Move Today

If you’re someone that often forgets things, writing them down in a calendar, planner, or on your mobile device can help keep track of all your reminders. Take some tasks off your responsibility list by hiring Sprint Moving as your personal moving liaison. 

We offer packing and unpacking and can assist in documenting everything that was or was not transported, so you don’t forget.

Get started on your move today. 

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