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Around half of Canadian households have moved in the last 5 years or will move in the next 5. It’s a nation on the move, and it’s not going to stop any time soon. Still, despite all that experience, Canadians know that moving can still be a highly stressful experience. And that’s just for the humans! That’s right, our furry friends are often overlooked in the flurry of a move. But the process can be even more stressful for them than it can for us. After all, they have no idea why their beds and bowls are suddenly taped up in cardboard boxes. So, with that in mind, here are 5 tips for people moving house with pets.

1. Speak to Your Vet!

First things first, you need to make sure your pets are safe and healthy. Make sure to chat with your vet and get their moving house advice before you go! You can also take this opportunity to stock up on any prescriptions or medicines your pets need, so you don’t run out after the move.

2. Build Up a Stockpile

In fact, medicines aren’t the only things you should stock up on. In the first few days of living in a new home, stuff like food, treats, and toys can end up buried deep in moving boxes. Unless you’re lucky enough to have movers that handle the unpacking for you, it’s a good idea to prep a kit of things to keep your pets comfy and distracted.

3. Moving House With a Cat? Keep Them Indoors for a While

Cats get very attached to the places they live in. Being suddenly uprooted and taken somewhere alien can be more stressful to them than it is to other animals. One of the best moving house tips for cat-owners is to keep them indoors for a few weeks to let them adjust, so they don’t flee.

If your cat absolutely won’t stay inside, you can even look into a catio!

4. Try to Stay With Them

In the case of cats and dogs, the only thing that’s going to be familiar about their new home is you. A great way to reduce their anxiety is to try to keep them with you throughout the moving process. For example, drive to your new home with them in the car!

5. Got More Exotic Pets? Speak to Your Movers

If you’ve got pets that require special conditions or equipment, speak with your movers about how to move home with them. Most movers have experience moving specialist pet-care equipment and might have special tools to deal with it. Try asking!

Make Sure They’re as Happy With Your Move as You Are

By following this moving house checklist, you can minimize your pet’s anxiety during a move and make the whole process as painless as possible. If you plan, prepare, and seek specialist advice, you can ensure your pets love your new home as much as you do.

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