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Tipping is a nebulous concept, and it’s hard to know every situation you should give one. If you go to a restaurant in Canada or America, you probably know that tipping is a customary practice. 

What about other situations like movers? Is a tip expected? Read on to learn more about tipping practices for movers in London, Ontario.

Do You Tip in Canada

Tipping in Canada, like the United States, is a complicated practice.

In places like restaurants and bars, servers and bartenders often make less than minimum wage, though that wage differs in Canada depending on the province, much like the United States.

Given that servers and bartenders make less than minimum wage, are you tipping them for excellent service? Or are you required to leave a tip to ensure the worker’s wages?

A good rule of thumb for these tipping situations is to tip a minimum of 15 percent on your total bill, and more should service be excellent.

Should You Tip Movers

Should you?

Unlike people who work in the restaurant and bar industry, residential movers make a wage higher than the minimum wage.

In situations such as these, tipping is not a requirement.

Yet, your movers work hard for you. You see them throughout the day of your move, lift all of your heavy possessions, load and unload them from the truck, and place these items where instructed in your new home.

Although you are not required to tip them, you may want to.

If you decided to tip, remember to do so based on the quality of the work. You are not obligated to pay a tip on poor services.

How Much Do You Tip Movers

Even in nontraditional tipping situations, there are rules you can follow.

Movers in London, Ontario, are often tipped 15 to 20 percent of the total cost of a crosstown move. That is a total you should calculate and then split between all of your movers.

For these moves, it’s also helpful to consider the complicated nature of the move and heavy items. If your movers did a great job lifting and carrying your pool table or piano, consider tipping more.

If your move is of a longer distance, a good rule of thumb is to offer a flat, per hour calculation of four to five dollars per hour to the separate crews who load and then unload your possessions.

How to Tip Movers

In every situation that calls for a tip, cash is usually king.

Unlike restaurants, moving companies often do not leave a tip line. Even if they do, you can’t be sure where that gratuity goes and how much your movers will receive.

If you are moving and want to tip, make sure you have cash. Cash is the only way to ensure the movers receive 100 percent of their hard-earned tip.

Please also make sure to tip each mover. If you give the total cash tip to the foreman or driver, you cannot be sure they will distribute it.

Movers in London, Ontario

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