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After the stress of 2020, at least 32% of Canadians are ready to leave urban areas behind. They want homes in suburban areas with more square footage and green space. 

If you’re ready to make a change and you’ve found a new home, the next step is to organize your move. Even if you’ll have plenty of space, you shouldn’t pay to move the items you no longer want. 

The question is, how do you decide what to pack in the moving van and what to leave behind?

Luckily, asking yourself a few questions will help guide the process. Read on to learn how to pare down your stuff so you can make a fresh start. 

Will You Have Space for It in Your New Home?

If you’re downsizing your home, think about the square footage of your new house. Will you have room for that sectional sofa, that bedroom dresser, or your china cabinet?

Choose your favorite pieces and sell or donate the other items. You can spend the money you make on a new piece you’ll love even more.

Have You Used It in the Last Year?

Go through your cabinets and storage space and look for items you haven’t used in more than a year. If it’s been that long since you’ve used it, you probably won’t use it in the future. 

Think of items like an unused bread machine, clothes you haven’t worn in years, or tools you don’t know how to use. Purge these items for an easier residential move.  

Does It Make You Feel Happy?

When you’re going through keepsakes, knickknacks, and wall art, it’s a bit tougher to decide what goes in the moving van and what doesn’t. To pare down these items, use the KonMari method and see if each one sparks joy.

Does it bring back a happy memory from childhood or a travel experience? Does the color or design make you feel happy or delighted? If not, feel free to let them go.

Does It Need to Be Repaired or Replaced?

Broken chairs, scratched pots and pans, or broken toys are all items that you should throw out. If you always meant to make the repairs but haven’t, let them go so you won’t bring that guilt to your new home. 

Plus, if you’d like to get a new set of pans, bringing the old ones with you will make you less likely to actually buy new ones. 

Will It Be Difficult to Move?

Pianos, sleigh beds, and other large pieces of furniture will take up a lot of space in the moving truck. Plus, even the best moving company will charge more to move these difficult items. 

Don’t feel obligated to get rid of these items, but decide if these items are worth the cost and hassle of the move.  

Hire a Moving Van Service Company Today

While you can move all of your belongings to your next house, it will only add clutter to your new space. It will save you money, time, and sanity to sort through your stuff before you move. 

That said, renting and packing a moving van yourself will only add to your stress. For the best results, leave it to the professional movers in London Ontario. 

If you’re looking for moving companies in London Ontario, Sprint Moving Service can help. We’re trustworthy movers at an affordable price. Get a free quote from us today!