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Any move can be stressful and challenging. Having the right plan and tools before the move date will make things easier. Decluttering the space will also help as there is less to move and, as a result, less to damage or lose on the day.

Regarding office space, how do you ensure the day goes smoothly? Start with decluttering. Here’s how:

Communication is Essential

Nothing will get done if no one knows about it. Ensure your employees have adequate notice, roughly a week to two weeks in advance. It covers anyone on vacation, so there is no shock when they come back, or they have time to prepare before they go.

Setting a timeline for when things need completion also gives your team time to prepare, especially when they know certain things will be disconnected and moved, like big machines such as printers and fax machines.

Personal Belongings

As we spend more time in the office than at home, bringing the occasional personal item in makes our workspace more comfortable. Whether it’s pictures, figurines, or your child’s drawings, these should all be taken before the move so as not to get lost or damaged.

Even things like your favourite mug that has a place in the kitchen should take up refuge at home until the move is complete.

Go Paperless

In this digital age, offices can go paperless. However, the challenging part is getting started. The benefit is that it is harder to lose information on a server than when in paper files.

Embracing the digital world and its storage capacity will reduce the physical storage needed at the new location and make everything lighter to move for the movers doing the job.


If going paperless is not an option, then provisions must be made for files and other on-site documents. Anything over five years old should be archived off-site for data protection.

Review what you have in your files. Anything that doesn’t need to be kept or is now irrelevant should be shredded and disposed of. Only move current files and ensure everything else is stored or destroyed.

Take Stock

Take a moment to look around at what you have in your space. What do you need and use daily, and what takes up precious real estate in the office? Remove anything that is not actively used or required. Donate or take it to a reuse centre if it is in good condition; it will help free up the space and reduce what goes to the new location.

Once the unused items have gone, it’s easier to see what is left. It helps you determine if you should remove other items, such as broken furniture, which you shouldn’t move to the new location.

Provide Supplies

People can’t move if they don’t have the supplies to do so. Providing boxes and packing tape will allow people to pack their desks and ensure they take what they need. While this can be done a couple of days before the move, letting your team know you have the supplies is one less thing for them or you to worry about.

The IT team can organize and tidy cables as you pack items. Zip-tying and labelling them is helpful so that each person gets the right equipment at their new desk.

Clean As You Go

Nothing is worse than getting to your new location and unpacking dirty and dusty equipment. While the dust bunnies might have enjoyed the ride, it feels much better to start cleaning in the new office.

Having extra cleaning supplies on hand, so people can clean as they pack makes this a reality, and you don’t need to provide a cleaning team per desk. Cleaning wipes, clothes, and a spray are all you need.

Get extra garbage bags to remove any trash that accumulates and keep the work space clean, especially as people are still working. It also helps reduce falls and trip hazards. Additionally, it makes it easier to remove things in bulk instead of making multiple trips to the dumpster.


Schedule a time for the IT team to come in, remove the broken equipment, and prepare for the move. Don’t forget to let your staff know, since this could impact their work.

Some pieces of equipment may have to be moved to the new site by the IT team for insurance purposes, so they will need time to come to the old site and move it to the new one.

Move the Sprint Moving Way

Decluttering the office has many benefits. You get to take what you need, you don’t lose your items, and maybe you get to upgrade those old computers. As the space clears, your team can get excited about the move and see the vision for the new space as intended, free of clutter.

With so much to prepare and organize, Sprint Moving Services is the team you need for commercial movers in London, Ontario.

Not only will the team dismantle and reassemble furniture, but they set up the space and move everything to help you with the ultimate moving plan to ensure that the whole experience is stress-free, simple, and fast.

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