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Nothing is worse than finding shards of broken materials upon unpacking after a move. If you’re going to spend time and energy to bring your material possessions with you, then you want them to be in one piece!

As your next move comes around the corner, you may want to make sure that your possessions will arrive safely. One crucial decision can protect your items and make your move easier. Here is how you can choose the right moving boxes for your next move.


One size does not fit all when it comes to moving boxes. Thankfully, there are many different sizes to choose from. Although there may be more choices, three core sizes are available just about anywhere: small, medium, and large.


The smaller variety of boxes is perfect for heavy items that may break through the bottoms of larger boxes. Small items like silverware or books will find a safe place for transportation here.


Medium boxes are not too large and not too small. They are great for small appliances such as juicers and coffee machines. They have ample room for toys, pots, pans, jars, and cans of perishable foods.


Larger boxes offer plenty of room for light objects that take up space. The rectangular versions can hold blankets, pillows, and lampshades. Large square boxes can contain large toys, linens, and towels.


Wardrobe boxes come with a metal hanging bar that can hold several units of clothing. These look like mini closets that seal up for transportation.

TV Moving Box

A slim, rectangular box can keep your flat-screen TV safe. The TV moving box is a specialized box that can fit your flat screen and some cushioning, so make sure to add in the packing materials, too.

Make sure to choose boxes that can hold everything you need in place during your trip. Don’t forget that you can rent moving boxes for added protection. Some establishments even offer free moving boxes to help with your needs.


You never know how many boxes you really need until you start to pack everything away. A good idea to start with is to take stock of your belongings and what you plan to pile into your moving van. Once you have a picture of how many items you want to bring along, you will be able to estimate how many boxes you’ll need to purchase.

When in doubt, order fewer boxes rather than too many; this way, you’ll know exactly how much stuff you have left once you’re out of containers. It will be easy to run to the store to get cheap moving boxes for the remaining items.


There are two types of box materials: cardboard and plastic. Cardboard boxes come in all sizes and can jump right into the recycle bin after use. Plastic bins are larger and sturdier, so they can support more storage.

Protect Your Items with Moving Boxes

There are many types of moving boxes to choose from, but the right ones will make your life a lot easier. Choose boxes that are the right size and material so that you can take everything along with you without worrying about damage. If you run out of boxes, you can always run to the store to grab some more.

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