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Did you know that Canadians move about five or six times in their lifetimes? So says the Canadian Association of Movers. Whether you need to relocate to a house, condo, or apartment, you’ll be reaching out to moving companies in London, Ontario at some point. But the question you need to ask is — how do you find the right mover to help you?

Do you want to find out what to look for in a moving company you can trust? Keep reading to get the answers you need to make informed decisions.

Look For Moving Companies London, Ontario With Good Reputations

When considering London, Ontario moving companies, consider businesses that have good track records.

You can find such companies by asking people you know for recommendations. Chances are that you know people who have hired local movers in the past. Ask these people if they would recommend the movers they had hired.

Another way to find companies with good reputations is by reading reviews. Check out online reviews to get the opinions of customers who’ve hired movers around and about town.

Ask For a Quote

Contact any movers you’re considering to get quotes. Get a handful of quotes, and then compare quotes from different movers. Some movers will make things even easier by allowing you to get a quote online.

After entering some details, you’ll receive a no-obligation quote for your move.

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s not a good idea to focus solely on cost. In addition to looking at cost, you need to look at the range of services offered.

Consider Range of Services

It’s a mistake to assume that all moving companies in Canada are the same. Before you select a mover, look at the services they offer.

Do you need help packing? Do you want a mover that will help with packing and unpacking? Do you need a mover that specializes in commercial moves? Will you require storage options? Find a mover that offers what you want.

Ensure Mover Is Insured and Licensed

When researching London Ontario moving companies, ensure that the businesses are insured and licensed. Not all movers have these credentials. Even if they offer super-low rates, they’re not worth the risk.

Finding a mover that is insured and licensed will give you some peace of mind.

Ask About Accreditation

Any Canadian moving company worth patronizing will have some type of professional accreditation. These accreditation bodies require movers to abide by certain codes of conduct that are intended to protect customers.

So, it’s worth asking questions about accreditation when speaking with different moving companies.

Hire a Mover Worth Patronizing

Finding the right local mover to help you on moving day doesn’t have to be a chore. If you take to heart the recommendations above, you’ll be able to find reputable moving companies in London, Ontario.

We serve people in London, Ontario and surrounding areas. Do you need to book a residential move, book a commercial move, or rent a storage unit? Get in touch. We can also help you with packing and unpacking.

If you’re looking for reputable Canadian movers that offer affordable rates, call us. We’re here for you when you need us.