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Did you know that Marie Kondo has a guide on how to pack for a big move? The organizing guru has a 10-step system for efficiently packing for a move! While a well-organized packing system is essential, there are plenty of other obstacles you’ll have to tackle when moving. A long-distance move makes the process even more complicated.

So, what’s the best way to prepare for a long-distance move? And is it even possible to have a stress-free move?

We’re here to help you out. Keep reading below for tips on how to successfully manage your long-distance move!

Manage Your Records and Utilities

Before your move, remember to cancel your current utility services—you don’t want to wrack up fees on your old home once you’ve moved. Find reliable utility providers in your new town and set up accounts with them shortly before your move.

This is also the time to transfer any medical records to a new provider. If you receive physical bills, be sure to contact the appropriate companies to have them rerouted to your new address.


Before you start packing, spend some time getting rid of unnecessary clutter. Even the tidiest of us can accumulate a lot of junk! If you think any of the clutter can be salvaged or useful, consider donating it to a collection center like Goodwill.

Clearing out the clutter beforehand will make packing much simpler. You won’t have to spend time parsing through junk to find your belongings. Plus, the less you pack, the less costly your long-distance move will be.

Find a Reliable Moving Company

Even with assistance from friends and family, you’ll likely need professional assistance to safely move your belongings across the country. You may even want professional help packing, especially if you have plenty of delicate items.

Check with your chosen company about any items they are unable to move. Some companies will refuse to move extremely large or potentially hazardous objects.

Not every moving company specializes in long-distance moves. However, if you’re searching for movers in London, Ontario, we can help you build the perfect team of movers.

Prepare Accommodations

There’s a chance you’ll arrive at your new home before the moving team. If that’s the case, it’s best to prepare accommodations to stay comfortably in the meantime.

If you plan on staying in your new home, be sure you have adequate supplies to sleep, eat, etc. Be sure your utilities are already active—you don’t want to get stuck without water or electricity!

If you’re not staying in your home, scout out hotels and Airbnbs in the area several weeks or months before your move. Be sure to take temporary lodging into account when budgeting and preparing for a long-distance move.

Prepare Easily for Your Long-Distance Move

Moving is stressful enough as it is. A long-distance move makes the moving process even more exhausting. However, with the tips above, your long-distance move will be as seamless and smooth as possible!

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