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Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and though it may be due to various factors, improper lifting is a common one. That’s why anyone moving with large furniture or heavy boxes would be wise to look into hiring professional movers.

There are some professional movers who will pack up for you, but these services are much more costly. Unless you signed up for packing services, most professional movers expect moving preparations to be complete long before they arrive.

To make sure you are fully prepared for moving day, check out the guide below.

Boxing Up Everything

Obviously, boxing up all your belongings is the most important step when moving. However, it’s not always as straightforward as it sounds.

When boxing up, try to categorize the boxes by room or use. Make sure to label the boxes as such. Take some time to determine what items should be moved and what should be thrown out.

There should be a section of boxes to be moved last that contain items that you’ll start using as soon as you arrive in your new residence. Items like toiletries, cleaning supplies, and garbage bags can go into these last-load boxes.

When boxing fragile items, make sure to mark the box as fragile. Pack these items carefully with protective things like foam pouches and bubble wrap. Expensive items, like jewelry and electronics, should be set aside. You can move them on your own or be sure to ask movers to handle them with care.

Preparing the Home

For professional movers to do their job, they need adequate space to move. Make sure there are wide, clear paths throughout the home between rooms and to the door.

Make sure to set down a tarp on the floor to prevent scratches on the flooring or spreading dirt throughout the house. Ideally, all items to be moved should be free of dust as well.

Designating a Parking Space

Moving trucks are large, and they need a convenient space to haul boxes and furniture from the home or business into the truck. You may need local government clearance to use a public street or a neighbor’s approval for a shared driveway.

Be Able to Direct Them

Once the movers arrive at the new location, they need to know where to go. Make sure someone is there to tell them where to place the furniture and boxes. You can even hand them a floor plan to let them know in advance.

Hiring Professional Movers

When hiring professional movers, set aside some time for research. There are some red flags to look out for. Make sure the company has a registered address, ask for copies of their insurance, get a written estimate, do not sign incomplete documents, and stay away from anyone that demands a large deposit.

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