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As you pack another box, you’re taking another quick glance at your bank account. 

Everything in life seems to cost too much money between the coffee we treat ourselves to on Monday mornings and a couple of dinners we eat out each month. We take one step forward and two steps back with our savings account. 

Something that’s especially expensive is the process of moving. You have to rent the truck, buy the boxes, and pay all the necessary fees for your upcoming place. However, what if we told you there were ways to keep it totally affordable?

Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to keep moving in London, ON affordable. Keep reading below to find key tips to try out on your upcoming move. 

Keep, Toss, and Sell

With around half a million people in London, Ontario, there are plenty of people who might find treasure in your trash. One of the best things to do before loading up on a moving truck is deciding what you want to keep, toss, and sell. 

The more you have, the more boxes you’ll have to buy and the bigger, moving truck you’ll have to rent. Cut down on spending costs when cutting down on items. Plus, you’ll be able to get some quick cash as other people buy some things off of you. 

Decide what it’s important to you, and keep those items. If something has no meaning or practical use for your life, sell it. Throw away any ruined or broken items. 

Take What You Can for Free

There’s no reason to drop a load of money on boxes. You just have to know where to get the free ones. It’s part of packing like a pro

Grab boxes from your workplace, or ask local liquor and grocery stores to use some of their boxes before they throw them out. You’ll be surprised how many boxes people are willing to give away. 

If you don’t have tape, ask some friends if they have any extra packing tape they aren’t planning to use. 

Consider a DIY Move

Especially if you’re only moving an apartment’s worth of items, it’s cheaper to move everything yourself than hiring professional movers. You’ll just need a truck!

Pack everything into boxes- wrapping breakable items in newspaper or towels. Tape and label all of the boxes and secure a rental reservation on a moving truck. 

Place heavy furniture items in the back of the truck, and always make sure to secure down breakable items. Offer to buy your friends a pizza dinner to convince them to help you pack. Who said finding moving help had to be expensive?

Make Moving in London, ON Affordable

Moving in London, ON doesn’t have to break the bank. Use the above tips to give your wallet a rest.

Make sure to keep what you need and sell or dump the rest. It’s easier to travel with less. Ask businesses for free boxes, and DIY the move as much as you can. 

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