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Planning for moving day doesn’t have to be stressful. If you’re worrying about less than perfect weather in Ontario, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up moving day tips and moving day advice to help your move go well regardless of the weather.

From keeping extra towels handy to covering your floors, here’s our round-up of tips for a smooth moving day even in the rain.

1. Use High-Quality Boxes and Supplies

There’s nothing worse than a wet box that rips when you’re moving. To save your items from getting wet or broken, consider higher-quality cardboard boxes. Make sure to use bubble wrap and protective layers inside your boxes in case they get wet as well.

Consider re-useable totes to pack in as well. Plastic tote boxes can be used for moves and then used as storage later. These boxes are water-resistant and won’t get soggy if they need to sit outdoors for a moment. You can also dry them quickly with a towel or rag.

2. Cover Your Existing Floors and Your New Floors

If your move day ends up rainy, make sure to cover your floors. This is especially important for your carpet. If you can, roll up any rugs or runners before your move day.

Use a plastic carpet covering or doormats in high-traffic areas. Old sheets, towels, or blankets may also help reduce the water or mess on your floors. Once you get to your new home, take the same precautions to reduce the mud and water on your flooring.

We’ll also provide as much coverage as we can to protect your floors. Even on a rainy day, know that your home and belongings are protected with us. We’ve moved in the rain countless times.

3. Provide Umbrellas and Shoe Covers to Guests and Family-Helpers

While our trained professional movers are used to moving in rainy, or cold Canada weather conditions, not all your guests and helpers are. If you have friends or family coming to help before or after your movers, shoe covers, or umbrellas are a great way to keep them and your home protected.

Disposable shoe covers are nice to keep on hand in case your move day is a wet one. If you have family helping to grab items from your car, offer them an umbrella to help keep them and your stuff dry. Keep doormats and old towels by the door as well.

4. Use Blankets, Old Sheets, and Tarps

Old blankets, sheets, and tarps are great for moving. Not only do they help keep your items from breaking but they can also be used in a pinch if it starts to rain. Before you toss out or donate your old bedding or blankets, keep them handy for your moving day.

Keep a bag of these in your car with you when you move. This way if it ends up raining or snowing, you’ll have them handy for shoes or wet items. Old pool or furniture covers work great for tarping or protecting items outdoors as well.

Don’t worry about using these to wrap or pack your precious cargo. We’ll take care of professionally wrapping TVs, small appliances, and any delicate furniture regardless of the weather.

5. Use Old Towels and Rags For Clean-Up

In your bag of bedding, throw in any extra towels or rags you may have. Towels and rags are great for cleaning boots and wiping wet feet before entering your home. Keep towels handy for wiping down any items that may have gotten wet in the rain as well.

Moving Day Tips – Rainy Days 101

While we all hope for a sunny move day, this isn’t always the case in Ontario. To help make sure your move is as smooth as possible, even in the rain, follow these moving day tips.

If you’re looking for qualified, professional, local movers, fill out the contact form here. We’ll get in touch to help ensure your move is safe, seamless, and affordable.