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Did you know that London, Ontario is the second-fastest-growing city in Canada?

It’s no wonder, with London being a center for healthcare and education, offering great transport links, as well as a range of musical and artistic exhibitions and festivals.

If you’re planning to move to London, you may find that your move falls after the summer has ended.

If so, then read on as we look at some top tips for moving to London, Ontario during the fall.

You Can Find Better Deals

Fall is usually a quieter season for many removal companies. This is something that offers a number of benefits.

Not only can you often find better deals during the fall months, but you’re also much more likely to be able to find moving companies that are free for the exact dates that you want to move.

It means that hiring a moving company during the fall can often save you time and money.

Consider Placing Items in Storage

If you’re moving in the fall, you going to have a lot of summer clothes and other items such as outdoor furniture that aren’t going to be needed until the following spring or summer.

You might want to consider putting some of this into storage. It means that during the move itself, you’ll only be transporting and moving those items that you need, making for a much more streamlined and stress-free move. You then have plenty of time to work out where your summer items are going to go before you move them in.

Pack With the Season In Mind

One of the most important seasonal moving tips is to pack with the season in mind.

You need to be sure that you have suitable clothes for the season that are easy to access when you move in. The last thing you want is to be hunting through boxes trying to find something suitable to wear before you leave the house.

Items such as rain boots should be easily accessible too. Even snow gear should be kept close at hand; snow in London can arrive as early as October.

Put Down Plastic and Keep a Broom Handy

One of the downsides of moving during the fall is something that makes fall looks so beautiful: fallen leaves.

If you have fallen leaves outside your home, you can guarantee that plenty of them are going to make their way into your home during the move. The best advice is to put plastic down to protect your floors and make sure you have a broom handy to sweep out any leaves as they come in.

It’s definitely worth trying to clear pathways before the move begins.

Wear the Right Clothes

One final tip for seasonal moving is to ensure you’re wearing the right clothes.

Depending on where you’re moving from, you may find the temperatures in London are significantly lower than those from your current location. You’ll need to make sure you have warm clothes with you that you can put on when you arrive.

Looking for More Tips for Moving to London, Ontario?

We hope these tips for moving to London, Ontario will help you in your move.

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