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There are over 130,000 professional musicians in the United States. These working professionals need their instruments in order to make their livelihood. If you’re moving house with musical instruments at home, you might worry about damaging your instruments. 

Moving house with fragile items isn’t easy. However, with the right moving company, it can be done. This article will walk you through a brief guide on how to move house with musical instruments in tow. 

Pack, Pack, Pack

At the end of the day, the safety of your instrument comes down to how well you pack. If you play the guitar, bass, or another small stringed instrument, you can most likely put it in your case and carry it. However, if you have a large instrument or many complicated instruments, things will get a bit harder. 

If you have many brass or woodwind instruments, disassemble them and place them inside of their velvet hard cases. If you don’t have cases for every instrument, wrap each individual piece in bubble wrap. 

Drums will require several different boxes. Avoid free boxes, for they might collapse under the weight of your drums. Store your cymbals separately from your other drums. 

Keep some bubble wrap in with your drums, to make sure you don’t run into any problems damaging your instrument.

Hire a reliable company that has a packing service, because you need to make sure all of your instruments are packed right. 

Pianos and Organs

Pianos and organs are their own beasts. These instruments are extraordinarily heavy, delicate and have to be handled by a company that specialized in moving such instruments. With improper handling, a piano can easily be permanently damaged.

Make sure that the piano is wrapped tightly in moving blankets. When you get on the moving truck, make sure that the piano is tied down, so it doesn’t slide around or fall over. They’re so large that they might well damage something else if they fall.

Make sure your moving company is specifically trained in moving pianos. With specificity, you’ll receive quality care. After your move is over, find a good piano tuner

General Tips 

The oft-repeated advice is true, always make sure you lift with your knees and not your back. When lifting large things, make sure that you use many people positioned at different corners of the instrument. 

Use a dolly or hand-cart to move instruments around easier. Place a blanket over the instruments when they’re on the cart, to prevent scratching. 

Moving House With An Instrument Isn’t Impossible 

If you’re moving house with an instrument, take time to pack, hire a good moving company, keep in mind moving best practices, and give special attention to pianos and organs. Musicians serve a vital function in our culture, country, and economy, and they deserve to have their instruments treated with precision, specificity, and care.

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