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If your commercial business is moving, it can be exciting. Your team will soon be smashing their goals in a brand new working environment. But commercial moving takes a lot of planning and organization. Then you’ll have to contend with the hard work associated with the actual move itself. All of this can become very overwhelming.

In the midst of your move, you will need to factor in employee happiness and wellbeing, the time it will take to adjust to the new environment, the transitional workflow, and much more. So where do you even start when it comes to looking at commercial moving services?

In this article, we’ll discuss everything to do with commercial moving so that you can minimize the stress associated with the move.

Tell Your Employees

Before anything else happens, you need to make your employees aware of the move. This will affect them and they have a right to know once it has all been made official.

You will need to plan for a transition period. There may be reduced productivity before, during, and after the move.

Appoint a Moving Manager and Hire a Commercial Moving Company

Having someone within your organization who is responsible for handling everything to do with the move will help you get organized.

Not only should you do this, but you should also hire a commercial moving & storage company to help you.

The earlier you have your moving manager appointed and the professional removals company hired, the better.

Start Getting Your Paperwork in Order Early

There will be a lot of paperwork associated with a commercial move. This might include insurance documents, contracts, and more. Start a file for all of the paperwork associated with the move and get your paperwork in order early.

Do a Dry Run

Knowing where you will hit problems will help you to get a head start on overcoming them. Walk the routes out of your current property and walk the routes into your new one.

Look for any problems that you may have in moving your furniture and fittings into the new premises.

Label Everything You Pack

As you pack everything, label it. You’ll need to write on the box what is inside it and where it will go in the new premises.

If you have a large commercial building with lots of departments or offices, you may want to color-code your labels to make it easier.

Systematically Pack Your Tech

When it comes to packing up all of your tech items such as computers and monitors, you should do it systematically. Take photos of the wiring so that you can easily rewire your computers at the other end.

Hiring Commercial Moving Companies

If you have a move coming up soon, you’ll need to act fast. For commercial moving, get in touch with sprint moving today. We’ll help you make your move a lot easier.