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Moving into your first apartment is a big step in. For many people, it’s the point in their life when they really begin to grow up and take responsibility of being an adult. However exciting this stage may be, there is a lot to consider when you get your first place. From practical furniture items to the less obvious necessities, there will be a lot of things you rather not do without. To help you plan out your move and what you will need to buy and do, we have compiled a list of reminders for you. You may not need to get or do every one of these, but they are all certainly things to consider. Get started by reading through the list! You may rarely need some of these things, but you will want to have access to them in one way or another.


Things To Buy:

Buy yourself some furniture.

This is quite likely the most obvious thing you will need to get. To lay out some of the essentials, you will certainly need to find or buy yourself a bed, a dresser, and a side table of some sort. Of course, how much furniture you want to buy depends entirely on how much you want to have. If you are going for a minimalist look, you can certainly cut out some of the extra’s. That is dependent on the size of your apartment, you will generally have lots to acquire. Some more items you may need include: a couch, a kitchen table, a desk, side tables, tv stands, an ottoman or a loveseat.

Paint and decorations.

If you want to add some character to your new apartment you can easily paint it a colour you would prefer. In addition, you can add some unique decorations to the space. From art to plants, crafts, or unique furniture pieces, these decorations can come in all shapes and sizes. The purpose of the visual additions is to make your place feel more comfortable. Make sure during decorating to select a look you really appreciate. You don’t want to be stuck with neon coloured walls that you hate in a few months.

Sheets, towels and blankets.

The linens of your home are used a lot more than you may have ever realized before getting your own place. Make sure you don’t forget to pick up a selection of bed sheets and towels before you move in. It is always nice to have some extra blankets just in case you feel cold in bed or want to cozy up on the couch. There is nothing worse than when your home is colder than usual and you have no way to warm yourself up and just relax.

Buy some tools.

Every home needs work from time to time, regardless of how severe it may be. At some point or another, you will definitely find yourself needing to tighten up the screws on your door handle or the legs on your bed. These quick repairs usually come unexpectedly, so you will want to have the proper equipment to resolve the problem. Trust me, this will definitely reduce your stress level when these moments occur.

Buy some cleaning necessities, including a plunger.

This is an easy one to forget, especially a plunger. Once a mess shows up, you definitely won’t want to be forced to deal with it for very long. This especially applies to a clogged toilet. Make sure you buy some kitchen, household and washroom cleaning supplies early on. Leaving a mess for very long generally means it begins to compound in messiness and can become quite gross. Be prepared for the worst so you can keep your apartment looking at it’s best.


Things To Do:

Get to know your new neighbourhood.

If you are moving somewhere new, it’s good to explore your new area. This way you can learn what kind of places are close, which are far, and what the neighbourhood has to offer you. It’s a great time to find out where you can run your errands, such as laundry and grocery shopping. Finding local parks and places to get active can also be a great piece of information.

Figure out your garbage days.

Generally, this can be as simple as looking it up online. Alternatively, you could as your neighbours for the schedule. In the beginning, you could get away with waiting for the rest of your street to put their garbage out. But in the long term, you will likely want to be well aware of the schedule in your city. You never know when your garbage is going to pile up after an event or a big week.

Sort out your utilities.

Set up your arrangements for internet, heating, water, etc. Even the internet is basically a true necessity in this day and age. Ideally, you will want to set these things up before your move-in date. Trying to figure out how to get internet last minute can be a complicated process requiring visits from your provider and troubleshooting on your end. Preparation is certainly a key factor with a seamless move.

Find out how your mail situation works.

Do you have your own mailbox? Do you have a P.O. box down the road? These are all things to consider. You will want to figure this out as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on any important mail. It will also be much easier for you to leave directions as a part of an order if you actually know where your delivery is going to show up.

Update Your Address

When you move somewhere new, there are typically lots of sources you will need to update your address with. This includes your insurance, your phone, your employers, your bank, the government and your school. Essentially, you will want to update your address with organization from whom you may be expecting mail.

For many people, hiring a moving company can help ease the stress and confusion of a big transition. Our professional team can help you plan and organize your move, taking care of the hardest parts on your big day. If you are interested in commercial or residential moving or packing services, Spring moving offers quality service at an affordable cost. Please visit our quote page and receive an estimate for your move!