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If you know somebody moving into a new home, there will be A LOT of things they need. A nice way to help them celebrate the new place is with a housewarming gift. Big or small, anything at all is thoughtful, but it is always nice to get them something practical for their new home or the new arrangement. Here are some excellent ideas for you to consider if someone close to you just moved into their new home.

A Welcome Mat

Welcome mats have become a staple for every home. Whether you buy something plain and elegant, something extravagant, or a mat with some kind of funny quotes or words on it, this is always a great idea. Finding something that suits the new homeowners in specific is a nice touch as well.

A Nice Blanket

Blankets are a really nice addition to the living room of any new home. Consider picking out a nice comfy blanket that matches the rest of the room. This is a gift that will go a long way toward comfort and relaxation in their new home. From cheaper fleece blankets to more elaborate and insulated ones, there is a huge variety to choose from, allowing you to find a gift that suits your budget.

A Gift Card To A Local Venue

This could mean gift card to a restaurant, a bar, an art studio, or anywhere really. In addition, If they live in a neighbourhood that has lots going in, this will be a great way to help them explore and try out some of the great things their local community has to offer. Not to mention the fact that everybody loves going out for a night on the town. This is a gift you can be sure they will appreciate.

Some Nice Candles Or Incense

Bringing a nice smell to your space can be calming, relaxing and comforting. Giving candles or incense as a gift will be giving the gift of relaxation to your friends in their new space. They can light it whenever they want to add a little more zen to their day, something that can really be a nice touch, helping them enjoy their home. This can be a cost efficient gift or an expensive one, the price is all up to you. While incense is often fairly affordable, candles have a large range of price to choose from.

Local Baked Goods

Furthermore, a really great gift can be to buy some delicacies, desserts or baked goods from a local bakery. Really, any kind of food will work. This will help the new homeowners get used to some of the great places in their area and get in tune with what is available. Finally, It is always nice to buy local, supporting independent businesses thrive, while also getting some quality goods.

Some Wine

Sometimes, a time of celebration calls for some good wine and drinks. Buying a new home is certainly one of those times worth celebrating. Besides, whether it is wine, or really any kind of drink, this is always a great housewarming gift. It’s even better if you can enjoy the drinks with them. Many people bring one bottle to share, and one bottle to leave, allowing the person on the other end to enjoy it once more on their own time.


When you buy a new home, the walls are bare. Bringing something to hang up can help fill up the space visually, and with a nice touch. This could be anything from a small homemade craft to an expensive art piece worth thousands. Either way, it is a meaningful gift that will certainly last the ages. Try your best to pick something that fits in with their home, and that they would appreciate. Bringing something ugly into their home means you may not see it next time you come to visit.


Anybody with a home needs a set of tools. Whether they have their own already, or whether they will have to buy it later, it is a homeownership essential. In fact, if your friends don’t have a set yet, this will be a great gift for them. It’s something they will utilize for years to come, appreciating it every single time they need to use it.

A Custom Craft Or Decoration

This is a great opportunity to help the new homeowners personalize their space. A customized craft or decoration can go a long way toward accomplishing this. Whether it is a mantle piece for the entrance, a welcome mat, or even a coat hanger, this option is personal and practical.

Flowers Or Plants

While flowers are a gifting staple, plants can also be a great housewarming gift. Flowers in a vase can illuminate any room, just as a nice plant sitting by the window can add some great colour to the space. If you are looking for something a little more long-term, a strong plant in a nice planter can really help make the area feel comfortable and welcoming. As a result, if your friends are moving into an apartment, these options are even better. With less or no yard space, it is always nice to have a touch of nature in your home.

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