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As society continues to become more aware of our environmental impact, one thing but moving is beginning to become a pretty well-known fact, that it isn’t always the best for our planet. Considering the high amounts of garbage that are accumulated, the gas and fuel utilized to transport belongings, and the packaging materials that are often wasted, the environmental footprint can add up quickly. With that being said, it only takes a small amount of careful awareness of this in reality to make a change. By simply being more conscious of the waste created during your moving process, you can drastically impact and minimize your ecological impact. Here is a short list of simple yet effective tips for reducing your carbon footprint for a much more eco-friendly moving process


Start Collecting Boxes Early


Of course, this is entirely dependant on how early you are aware of your encroaching move. You need to be aware of your plan to relocate far in advance to fully take advantage of this. Whenever you buy something or come across a box large enough to help with a move, add it to your collection. Though this may take up some space temporarily, it will allow you to reuse old materials instead of going and buying new boxes that would otherwise be highly likely to get thrown out instead of recycled. If you are a person who moves very often, it can be a good idea to keep a decent collection of boxes stored at all times as opposed to hunting for new ones during each and every move.


Get The Rest Of Your Boxes Used


If you aren’t able to collect enough boxes throughout your preparation period that is fine but try to get the rest of your boxes used. Many people are able to find used boxes by approaching retail stores and business’. These companies often compress and send their cardboard away to be recycled, and are happy to give some boxes away for free. This is a great way to cut costs while cutting your carbon footprint simultaneously.


Think Outside The Box When Finding Packing Materials


Before buying packing materials, many people forget that several items that they may be bringing or donating are actually great substitutes for single use packing materials. Instead of using tape, boxes or bubble wrap, consider using old towels, blankets or even clothes and rope. These are items you can either keep or donate once you have completed your move, and they will save you a lot of money while you are at it. Often times, single-use packing materials are rarely any better than using other things instead. In the end, less garbage means a more eco-friendly move.


Choose To Donate As Much As You Can


During a move, throwing a lot of stuff in the garbage is inevitable. To be more eco-friendly during your move, you should do your best to donate all old belongings instead of throwing them in the trash. With the exception of useless and entirely junky old things, most old items can be used by someone else or recycled in some way. Sort diligently to organize your things in effective ways to be donated. Clothes can be donated separately from furniture, etc. Less junk means less waste.


Use Packing Containers That You Already Have


A really simple way to move is to bring out every container you already own and back using those. Although cardboard boxes can be recycled effectively, not having a disposable product in the first place is even more effective. Many people pack away their bags, suitcases and plastic containers instead of using them as packing containers themselves. This is a great measure for transporting your smaller, or easily organized collections of things. Of course, you will still need some boxes, but less really is more if you are looking to be environmentally conscious during your move.


Drive Less


A massively effective and very practical strategy for all aspects of your move is to do less driving. This makes the move more efficient, quicker, more affordable, and most importantly for this instance, more environmentally friendly. Driving back and forth wastes a lot of ga and this effect is only amplified when you are driving huge weights around in large trucks. If you can, it is ideal to fit your stuff into as few moves as you possibly can. This will provide you with the whole host of benefits listed above. If you are going to do only one thing from this list, consider this option. This is a win-win situation for both you and your movers and is worth at least some consideration.


Leave Some Dishes To Eat On


Many times, people will pack up their kitchen and eat with paper and plastic plates and utensils. Instead of using disposable products to eat off, simply leave out a small set of your dishes that you can wash and reuse for at least a few days. There is no point in being wasteful if you are looking to reduce the carbon footprint of your big move.


For many people, hiring a moving company can help ease the stress and confusion of a big transition. Our professional team can help you plan and organize your move, taking care of the hardest parts on your big day. If you are interested in commercial or residential moving or packing services, Sprint moving is located in London, Ontario, offering high-quality service at an affordable cost. Please visit our quote page and receive an estimate for your move!