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Summer is by far the most common time for people to move. Here in Canada, it is certainly much easier to load a moving truck during warm weather than it is to deal with the cold temperatures, snow, and unpredictable weather of winter. There is however one downside of moving during the summer, heat. Packing up and carrying belongings in the intense heat of summer can turn the labour of moving day into quite a workout. Dehydration and exhaustion are experienced any mover will want avoid. Here are a few tips on how to handle the hot and humid weather that comes along with a summer move.


Start Your Move Early In The Day.


A surefire way to avoid a good sized chunk of the mid day heat wave is to start your actual move early on. The hottest point in the day is typically during the early afternoon. If you can finish a large amount of work before that point, you can either wait until the temperature comes back down, or you stick to the indoor portion of the job. In general, most movers will prefer to get started early in the day regardless.  


Drink Lots of Water


Hydrating is very important in the heat of summer, and it will actually help you to handle the work of moving. Drink lots of water early on as a primer for the rest of the day and keep a water bottle close to you throughout the day. This will help with your endurance, you energy level and it will help prevent heat stroke a the same time. It is ideal to drink small amounts often as opposed to a large amount when you feel the onset of dehydration. By that point you are generally already dehydrated and it will take awhile to recover. It is recommended that you drink close to 2 litres of water on an average day, so make sure you drinks bottles worth at the bare minimum.


Wear Sunscreen


Depending how much time you spend outdoors, you may end up pretty burnt if you don’t take precautionary measures. Make sure you apply sunscreen throughout the day to make sure you don’t end up dealing with a 3rd degree sunburn on top of your unpacking. At the very least, wear sunscreeen while you are outside and wear clothing that protects you from the sun.


Get Your Fans Ready


It is always a good idea to have your fans packed in a way that you can quickly set them up once you arrive at your new home. This will help you get some air circulating in the new home while and simultaneously providing you some serious relief from the extreme heat. It is a great way to stay cool until you are able to turn on your utilities.


Turn On Your Air Conditioning Ahead Of Time


In situations where this is possible, turn your utilities on before arriving at the new house with all your belongings. Whether you are doing most of the lifting or your movers are, working in the heat can be exhausting for each party involved. Getting the air conditioning prepped and ready will go a long way toward a comfortable move and a comfortable night in the new home.


Eat Healthy


When you are burning energy so quickly, fueling your body with good food is critical. Working hard in the hot weather will amplify this process and taking in a proper amount of calories and nutrients will make you feel a lot better throughout and after the move. Some great options for snacks are fruits and veggies, nuts or trail mixes and granola bars. These snacks are not meant to be a supplement for meals, so don’t forget to eat a proper breakfast lunch and dinner as well. In cases like this, eating regularly will keep your blood sugar levels high and allow you to stay energized for long periods of time.


Wear Proper Clothes


If you are moving in grueling heat, make sure you are dressed for the season. Wearing inappropriate clothing can mean a lot of discomfort. Wear clothing that is breathable and loose enough for work. Lightweight materials and bright coloured clothing will help avoid overheating when you are working in the sun. Wearing hats, light long sleeved shirts and sunglasses can help block the sun and protect you for longer. Nobody likes getting heat stroke


The labour involved in a summer move can sometimes be grueling. Careful preparation for extreme temperatures will help you get the job done regardless of what mother nature decides to throw your way. Be ready for the weather and you will thank yourself later.


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