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Around 40 million Americans move every year. Of this number, many people try to do the whole thing themselves — packing all of their things up and hiring a truck to drive them to their destination.

Some people hire movers but do the packing on their own.

There are, however, huge benefits to hiring a professional packing service to put away all your things for you! Read on to find out what they are. 

1. Less Stress

45% of Americans think moving is the most stressful life event, beyond divorce or marriage!

If you’re one of these people, it’s worth not only hiring professional movers but people who will pack your things for you. Many people aren’t aware that a moving company will do this for you, but they often do offer this as a service.

If you don’t have to pack your own things, it can take some of the stress out of the move.

2. It Saves Time

Another reason to hire professional packers is that it saves time.

There are a lot of duties that come with moving — collecting records, selling the house, dealing with paperwork. Not only that, but you have to fit all of your regular life in around that.

You might have to work, have kids and pets to take care of, and have other responsibilities.

By assigning the packing to someone else, you don’t have to take days to make sure all of your things are carefully packed up.

3. Insurance

Professional packers and movers usually have insurance for all of the items they’re carrying. That means you don’t have to worry about looking for movers’ insurance and it’s taken care of for you.

This could end up being invaluable.

4. It Saves Money

You might think it’ll cost you too much money to have professional packers come in and help with your things. However, in the long run, it might save you money.

Professional packers know how to put items away in the best possible way, to ensure the least chance of damage. If you aren’t familiar with these practices, you might end up having to replace a lot of them at the end of the journey!

5. Using a Packing Service Is Safe

Above all else, using a packing service will keep your things safe. They’ll make sure everything is taken care of and because the chance of damage is minimal since they’re professionals, your belongings have a much higher chance of making it to your new destination without having to be replaced.

This alone is invaluable.

These Services are Worth It

Using a packing service is very worth it. You can save time, money, and be rest assured that your things will reach your destination safely — not to mention all of the stress off your shoulders! It can be anxiety-inducing to move out of your home, so don’t take on more than you need to.

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