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Each year around four million Canadians move home. While this can be an exciting time full of change and possibility, it can also be extremely stressful.

In fact, over two-thirds of people consider the experience to be more stressful than going through a divorce! This is why many people recruit help from moving companies to make things more manageable.

If you’re about to move then finding moving companies in London, Ontario will make your life a lot easier. But did you know, going for local movers could make the world of difference to your move? 

Read on to find out five perks of hiring local moving companies in London.

1. Great Communication

One of the great benefits of hiring local movers in London is smooth communication throughout your move.

If you choose to move with a national moving company, you could end up speaking to a different person each time you phone up. In contrast, a local company has a much smaller team and can therefore provide a more personal experience.

This means your vital messages will always get passed along and won’t get lost in transit!

2. It Saves You Time and Money

If you’re moving locally, then using moving companies in Ontario will save you both time and money.

This is because the journey time between the truck depot and your home will be much shorter. This can save you a lot of money – after all, a quicker job is often a cheaper job!

3. Local Knowledge is a Perk

There a lot of logistics that may not cross your mind when moving home. For example, you might not factor in the best time of day to move or know the best parking spots for your moving van. 

All of these things make moving a lot easier and they require local knowledge. By going to a local company, you can rest assured that they’re familiar with your new neighborhood and will have the logistics sorted.

4. Their Reviews Are More Specific

Hiring a moving company with good reviews and references is extremely important. After all, you are trusting them with most of your possessions!

However, when you read reviews of large companies you’ll often notice conflicting experiences. This is because some movers within the company are better than others.

Looking at reviews of local companies tells you a lot more about them because they can be more specific and, therefore, more useful!

5. You’ll Know Where Your Belongings Are

A lot of moving companies offer additional services, such as packing and storage. But if you are going to put your possessions into storage you want to know where they are going to be kept. 

With a local company, these details are much more transparent and this means you can really trust them to keep your belongings safe in transit.

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If you’ve been wondering how to choose a moving company, then look no further than local moving companies in London, Ontario!

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