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Looking for quality movers in London Ontario? You must be one of the 20 per cent of Canadians who plan to move inside of the next five years.

Well, it’s never too early to start the planning process, especially as it relates to your personal possessions. As you begin your search, focus on these five qualities first and foremost.

1. Professionalism

Professionalism should always come first, and that really hinges on two things: workers and communication. A company with a good team will take care of every aspect of the move.

They will know how to handle sensitive items, pack and arrange with safety and efficiency foremost, and deliver on what they promise. They will, in short, take pride in their company and the jobs they do.

That said, the best moving company candidates should also maintain a strong chain of communication. That goes from the top down and extends to customers. If there are any special instructions, concerns, or hiccups along the way, they should be reaching out or responding quickly.

2. Equipment

A successful move also depends largely on the company’s ability to reduce injury or prevent damage to loads. Many a rogue local moving company will show up to your door with little more than a handcart and a truck that’s too small.

This can increase the number of trips and your costs. It can also lead to employee injuries and forever damage or destroy irreplaceable keepsakes and heirlooms. Don’t trust your move to a young company with no experience and poor planning.

3. Proper Coverage

Going beyond professionalism and the proper equipment, the top-rated moving companies will obtain the proper licensing and insurance coverage for doing business in the London, Ontario, area. This coverage does a few things.

It offers fair compensation in the event that movers do damage or lose your belongings. Secondly, it ensures the company is adhering to proper regulatory demands, which offers you added protection. Lastly, it protects you from claims against injuries that might be incurred during the move.

4. Storage Quality

Still not sure how to choose a moving company? Ask about how they store and transport certain possessions. Are they equipped for temperature-controlled needs? Will they treat your pets as their own?

Do they have the knowledge, training, and tools to keep loads safe over longer distances that might require overnight transport? Many times, the damages incurred happen on the way to the destination as a result of inadequate storage.

5. References and Reviews

The last thing to know about how to find a moving company is reputation. Reviews vary for many moving companies in London, Ontario, and not all the reviews for even the best companies will shine.

Bad reviews can come from all sorts of motives, but it’s how a company performs for the vast majority of its customers that really matter. If complaints are fair, how did the company handle them? Examine responses and what actions were taken to fix the issue.

Looking for Movers London Ontario? These Qualities Should Guide You

If you want quality movers, London Ontario, then you can’t pick the first name you see at the top of the alphabet. Instead, take time to examine the reputation, performance, and abilities of the company to handle the task at hand.

Your belongings deserve all the protection you can give them, whether you’re moving to or from the area. And if you are ready for that move, then it’s time to reach out to Sprint Moving Company for a free quote today.