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Even if you have never used a self-storage unit before, you have probably come across them. These essential spaces are the subject of countless TV shows and movies, resulting in these somewhat dull, functional places holding a surprisingly high position in our popular culture. There are many reasons to use self-storage units.

You might be trying to Marie Kondo your life and get rid of that which does not spark joy. You might be in the middle of a complicated move that requires a half-way home for your less essential possessions. You might need to look after the possessions of a friend or family member for a time.

Whatever your reason, it pays to know the essentials. In order to make sure you rent the correct storage facility for your needs and get excellent value for money, make sure to read this beginner’s guide to self-storage in London, Ontario. 

1. Why Do You Need Self-Storage?

First off, it is worth determining the exact reason you need a rent a self-storage space, as this will help you choose the right facility. If you are moving home, you will need a storage unit with plenty of space and guaranteed security to cover your valuables.

If you are just looking for a place to store junk, you may not need to splash out on reams of space and fancy security upgrades. If you wish to use storage space for a specific project or yours, you will need to visit any potential space to make sure it is right for whatever you plan to do there. 

2. Self-Storage Options 

There are many options for self-storage. The most important distinction is between standard self-storage and so-called “full service” self-storage. With the former, all you get is the storage space and the key.

With the latter, you typically get everything taken care of. This means you will have a professional team come and transport your possessions to the unit and taken out possessions to deliver to you upon request, whenever you want.

You can also expect tighter security and comprehensive insurance. Naturally, this is very expensive, which is why you might want to rent a standard storage space for less money and then simply pay a professional moving company to transport your possessions to the unit. 

3. Key Considerations 

There are a number of important things to consider when choosing a unit, such as: 

  • Size: Always double-check that a unit has a surface area that can accommodate your possessions. 
  • Access: Is your unit accessible 24 hours a day? Is the facility open on weekends? Can you drive right up to the unit? 
  • Fee Policy: Many storage unit companies will destroy all contents of a unit or sell them if the owner does not pay their rental fees. 
  • Weather Protection: Many storage facilities in London, Ontario are completely outdoors and are therefore not suitable for fragile possessions. 
  • Climate Control: Some facilities have climate control to protect items such as clothes, artwork, and food. 

Move Your Possessions Securely Today 

If these self-storage tips helped you, it is now time to hire a moving company that can transport your possessions into storage safely, securely, and affordably. To find out what we can do for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable moving team today.