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Are you planning on moving soon and are afraid that your fragile items won’t make it in one piece?

Moving is already a stressful endeavour. You don’t want to add more anxiety to the process by worrying about accidentally breaking something.

We’ve collected the top packing tips to help you have a stress-free move. Find out more down below!

Buy Strong Boxes

Your first defence for breakable items is a sturdy box with thick walls. If your boxes don’t have enough rigidity, it’s easy for them to collapse and crush whatever is inside.

It’s better to splurge on high-quality boxes than to deal with the heartache of a broken heirloom.

Use Extra Tape

Once you have a solid box, you want to reinforce it before you pack anything inside of it. Your main concern is the bottom, but make sure to add extra tape to all the seams. This keeps your items from slipping right out of the box when you pick it up and ensures the box remains sturdy.

It’s an extra level of safety that’s worth the effort!

Add Cushioning

When it comes to packing glass and other delicate materials, you need to add a cushioned layer to protect these items during transit. Newspaper works in a pinch, but something soft is even better.

For example, instead of giving your towels and blankets a separate box, use them to protect your fragile items. Put a couple of towels at the bottom of the box. Fill any gaps between items with a blanket to ensure that they stay in place.

This is the best way to keep your belongings safe.

Always Use Descriptive Labels

Keeping a good label system is great for when you start to unpack and organize your home. When it comes to fragile things, however, labels are even more important.

They make it clear that you need to handle the box with more care, lessening the chance of a disaster. Make sure to use legible labels so that everyone knows to be careful with your delicate belongings!

Bring in the Professionals

When the stress is too much for you and your family, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and let others deal with the move. That’s when you’ll want to get in contact with high-quality moving companies in London, Ontario.

These professionals know all the right ways to pack a box so that it’s secure and safe the entire way to your new home. They know how to lift heavy boxes without injury and they know how to store those boxes in trucks.

It turns your move into a carefree adventure!

Make Sure Your Favorite Fragile Items Survive the Move

By following these tips, your fragile items will arrive at your new home in pristine condition. Get rid of a lot of stress by never needing to worry about unpacking a box full of broken things.

Having all of your belongings safe upon arrival is the best start to your new life!

For all your moving needs, contact the best movers in London, Ontario!