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In 2018, 35% of Canadian households surveyed by Statistics Canada had moved to a new home in the past five years. And 21% had plans to move again within five years. When it comes to a house move, everyone knows to make a checklist and arrange the utilities. But there are some things only someone doing the job day in and day out would know to take care of. Looking for the best packing tips from a professional mover London Ontario and Canada-wide?

The out-of-the-box professional packing secrets outlined below are guaranteed to get you into your new home faster.

Declutter Before a Move, Not After

At least a month before you move, sort through your possessions and throw out anything that’s broken. If you have clothes, shoes, or appliances you don’t use, consider donating them to charities in your area.

If you’re undecided about a piece of childhood furniture or a box of old knitting patterns, consider putting some items into a storage facility until you’re ready to deal with them.

And once you’re in your new home, make decluttering a priority. Spend 15 minutes a day sorting through your things and your next move will be a breeze.

Take Furniture Apart Before Moving

Much of the furniture that adorns our homes comes flat-packed. It might have been a pain to put up, but it’s worth taking the time to break it down.

Because when it comes to a house move, flat-packed furniture can save you money. It doesn’t take up as much space when packing a moving truck so you might be able to hire a smaller vehicle.

Tape or tie large furniture pieces together. And put any screws or small parts in a plastic bag to keep it all together. If you kept the original boxes, you can pack them back into those.

If not, don’t worry. Most flat-pack items have uniform square or rectangle shapes, making them easy to fit into a standard packing box.

Make Use of Gaps When Packing a Moving Truck

If you’re using a packing box and not the original box an item came in, it’s likely the pieces of furniture or large appliances won’t fit perfectly inside. When it comes to knowing how to pack a moving truck, making good use of those gaps is key!

Fill them with awkwardly shaped objects like coat hangers, shoes, or garden tools. Or pack well-wrapped artworks down the straight sides of the box.

Depending on how well you wedged the largest item into the box, this can also be the best way to pack a moving truck with fragile items like antiques. Be sure they’re well protected in an insulating, shock resistant material like bubble wrap or old towels and sheets.

Get Pets Ready to Move House

Whether you’re flying or driving to your new London, Ontario home, start crate training a few months in advance of your move. Then you can be sure a boisterous puppy or stressed out cat won’t get in the way when loading a moving truck.

Following a move to a new house, pets can sometimes wander great distances to get back to their old home. Get your pet microchipped if they haven’t been already, and update the chip with your new address details.

Make sure all your vet records are up to date, too.

Why Use Professional Movers London Ontario and Surrounds

Sure, you can DIY a house move. But do you want to spend your whole weekend (or even week) moving? Not to mention working out how to load a moving truck with heavy appliances and big boxes by yourself.

Hire professional movers and you’ll be in your new house quickly and safely. They’ll help you stay on budget, too. A professional moving company will give you an estimate, so you know what the move will cost you upfront.

Looking for a professional mover London Ontario residents? New or existing should contact Sprint Moving Services for a free quote today.