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Packing up and moving an entire house, whether it’s across town or across the country, isn’t an easy feat. That’s why many people decide to hire reputable moving companies to do the job for them. Even with hiring movers, moving day can be stressful and overwhelming, from helping the kids adjust to the move to packing up your entire life.

When you’re stressed and overwhelmed, it’s easy to forget that the movers are people too. In this blog, you’ll find a few tips on moving day etiquette and what your movers would like you to know.

Keep Children and Pets Out of the House

The last thing movers need is to have children and pets underfoot when they’re trying to load your belongings onto the truck. Once the movers arrive, things will quickly get chaotic. There’ll be many people in your home, the doors will be open, and the movers will be carrying heavy furniture and boxes.

It’s easy for someone to get hurt in the chaos if children are running about. The open door could also easily lead to your pets getting out and becoming lost, hurt or worse. So it’s best to make arrangements for the kids and pets to be somewhere else on moving day, just to be safe.

Don’t Hover Over the Movers

While it might be tempting to hover over the movers, micromanage, and try to help out, it’s best just to let them do their job. Remember, you hired a moving company because they are professionals and trained in this type of work. They already have a system in place for moving boxes and loading trucks.

If you feel that you need to do something, start loading up items you’re taking in your car and do a final sweep to ensure you don’t forget anything and that the appliances in your home are empty, unplugged, and ready to go.

Always Tip Your Movers

Make sure that you have cash on hand, as it’s customary to tip your movers for doing a good job. A good rule of thumb to follow is tipping the movers 5% of what you’re paying them to move your belongings.

Of course, you can bump that tip up if you want to, according to how well the move goes and how well you like the movers themselves.

Offer Refreshments

You already know that moving is hard work, so offering the movers refreshments is a nice gesture. For example, put out ice-cold bottles of water for the movers in the summer months, or offer them cups of cocoa or coffee during the cold winter season.

If the move is going to take hours, order a couple of pizzas for your movers to help them get through the day energized and refreshed.

Moving Day Made Easy!

These are a few helpful moving tips and a bit of moving information that your movers would like you to know before moving day begins. Remember, offering refreshments and tipping your movers will show them how much you appreciate the hard work they’re doing to relocate you to a new home.

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