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Moving, some would argue, is an inherently stressful time. The endless packing, the bickering over what to keep, and the complicated logistics are just the tip of the iceberg. 

However, moving doesn’t have to sink the ship of your home. In fact, with these packing tips, it can be smooth sailing. Read on to discover how to pack up your house with stress-free efficiency. 

Start Early

Some people think that moving out should happen on the moving day when the moving company arrives. This is not true. 

If you have at least a month’s notice before you need to move, use it. A good packing plan should start a month in advance.

If you can start packing early it will feel much less overwhelming. Break it down room by room. The first week you could focus on the outdoors (even the houseplants!), the second on bedrooms, the third on the living room — whatever works for you. 

If you’re working with a moving company, packing as much as you can ahead of time will save everyone time on the final day. However, if you are very cramped for time – don’t panic.   


Moving is a great opportunity to clean house. As you pack everything up, make sure to ask yourself a few important questions.

  • Have I used this item in the past year?
  • Will this item fit in my new house?
  • Is this item worth the space it will take up?

If you can ask yourself these about all of the items you move, then you’ll end up giving away or throwing out more than you think. 

Boxes Matter

The cornerstone of your move (and these moving tips) will be the endless cardboard boxes you will use, so make sure to treat this as you would any foundation: with lots of care and detail. 

It may seem small, but labeling every box on multiple sides is of the utmost importance. We recommend labeling every box on the top and at least two other sides to make sure that your writing is visible no matter where any box ends up. 

This doesn’t have to take a long time either. Come up with a shorthand for each room and whether or not the box contains fragile items. This will make it so much easier to think about where you’re unloading every box. 

You will also want to have a specific box for your moving day – the hallowed Box of Essentials. This box should include clothes, toiletries, and food for when you arrive at your new home. Make sure to make it accessible. 

Attitude, Attitude, Attitude

Moving may not have to be stressful, but it will be difficult. You will have road bumps that you may not expect, but they don’t have to throw you off course.

Remind yourself as you move through this season of your life that you can face any challenge that comes up. If you can remain calm and flexible as you go through this process, it will change the entire dynamic for you and the rest of your household. 

Follow These Packing Tips and Relax

You are fully prepared armed with these packing tips. Take it a day at a time and embrace the organized chaos. 

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